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HahajjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdPosted by Kamal Gollen 2016-08-28


Beanytastic!!!Posted by Aj Nar 2015-10-10

Fans of Mr Bean rejoice because the ultimate Bean game is here! Addictive game play that gets you bouncing around trying to escape the mean Mrs Wicket. I liked the addition of hat power ups! They add a extra dimension to runner game. One of fav features is if you close to being whacked by Wicket's rolling pin.. You can escape in Mr Bean's iconic green mini Cooper! It's a nice touch to hear Rowan Atkinson's actual voice over in the game even if it's his Bean mumbles! (≧▽≦) try this game!!!!

I LOVE Mr . BeanPosted by Nsreen Khalil 2016-08-13

I love this game★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ما تصدقوا حدا لأنو مستر بين بيمشي كتير منيح وكل الصور يلي شايفينها كلها صح وما فيها وقت وكل المراحل انا اوصلتلهم وانا بنصحكم انكم تنزلوها ويلي عم بقولو أنها مش حلوة بكونو ما عم يعرفو يلعبوها:)

FaNtAsTiC!!!Posted by Yafoor Muhammad 2016-07-25

This app is really aMaZiNg.......Mr. Bean is an entertaining show and i am glad that there is futher addition in its entertaining.....there are many games of this show.......Mr Bean Around the World is one of the best games i installed in play store......when we start playing and keep on playing for sometime and get attentive towards this game then one feels like one is in the cartoon world.....traveling the Earth!!!!......welldone and keep on making such apps

Great gamePosted by diamond legends of gaming 2016-06-28

The game is great thank you for making the game and make another one and i also enjoying playing it sometimes i record videos in youtube and you can whatch them and my youtube name is dragantdm and click diamond legens og gaming and see all my fantastic videos and thank you

AmazingPosted by Shauna Drury 2016-08-18

This game is the best game ever it is so good but maybe just add a little more but it is good me and my sis love to play it like when u are bored u are not bored any more so please download this game everyone reading this okay bye

Thanks for making it free!! ButPosted by Yohan Mavely 2016-07-06

I wanted this game to be free. Thanks a lot Endemol. I wanted to play this game but could not! I will try to play! But the problem is that when I play Australia, it stops its doesn't work. Or it crashes. Please fix it!

So funny loved itPosted by Nacylene Ubas 2016-08-14

Ang ganda kaya sa mga nagsasabing panget Baka kayo ang may problema o ang inyong gudjets sorry kung na hurt ko kayo Its just my expression sorry lang talaga po ate,kuya nagsasabi lang ako ng totoo

Surprisingly greatPosted by Sam Mussett-Harford 2015-10-08

Great endless runner, worth the money. Bought it because it was Bean and turned out to be quite challenging (in a good way!!), once I got the hang of it I was having a right blast! Funny too.

i love mr. beanPosted by Ma. Robelle Perez 2016-07-10

old people say dont watch mr. bean because it will make you dumb. well i say he is an intelligent person dealing with life simple problems and made even simpler. nice app way to make my day.

Posted by Adhikar Sham 2016-06-30

Love the game so much and especially Mr bean is always so funny but whenever im playing a level it automatically goes back to the home screen please sort it out in the next update

love mr beanPosted by MinecraftPrincess18 18 2016-07-22

i really love mr.bean and so my little brother does he is just so funny,when i found out in youtube that mr.bean has game i totally come to playstore and search for it

Agnibha MajumderPosted by Agnibha Majumder 2016-10-12

I mean I am downloading for mah little brother and not for me becoz he is a child and loves Mr Bean but Where in this World this type of game is been made .xd lol

I love BeanyPosted by 2016-08-26

It's a wonderful game. For all who doesn't love it I say for them they are stupid. It's a great game. Shame on you who didn't love this game. Love you beany.

Love itPosted by Simon Pagol 2016-07-20

It a very interesting game and I am a big fan mr bean..but the promblem is there I no dubai and Bangladesh. .and it offs automatically...... please fix it..

Amazing gamePosted by Shabana Ansari 2016-07-06

I loved Mr.bean a lot.indeed I am a big fan of him.this game is a beautiful version for all of us .it make us feel fresh by playing such a game like this.

AwesomePosted by 2016-10-08

Greatest Mr. Bean game I have ever played before. Good graphics and very addictive. Awesome excellent. Idea of different countries are really fantastic.

Dadtdfedds1Posted by Eileen Mulkeen 2016-07-03

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Superb gamePosted by Johan Prakash 2016-08-02

Its a superb game. Maybe I like Mr.bean but everyone must download it. Don't see other comment. Its about there phone. So its working well

fantastic ☺☺☺Posted by Disha Gupta 2016-07-10

an awesome game.. just loved it.. awesome graphics.. for MR. BEAN lovers.. its a fantastic game.. more games should be made like this...

Posted by seema lamba 2016-07-17

I loved this game as it has the graphics which is there in 1gb game I loved it alot and I want to say that download it and play it free

Zhay CruickshankPosted by Zhay Cruickshank 2016-07-10

I love this boss game. It's really hard to outrun Mrs Wicket. The fast car and balloons really help. One of the best games ever.

Love It!Posted by Kim 태형 2016-07-03

I'd be his fan when i'm like, 5 or 6 years old(?), and now i'm 13 years old, still lovin' it ^3^ and this is a great game! ^3^

Not the games faultPosted by Campbell Jackson 2016-08-07

Most of you people posting saying please fix it most likely it's your device can't handle it and crashes don't blame the game

Posted by Archana Sharma 2016-07-22

I love Mr bean because he is so funny and I also like full of adventure and so much creative so this game is also liked that

Great game!Posted by Roger Johnson 2015-10-09

A new spin on the endless runner with one of the greatest tv characters of all time. Really captures the fun of the show.

Awesome & Addictive gamePosted by Mohit Verma 2016-09-04

Awesome and Addictive game .. wow .... it's not at all boring .. very very fun filled ... I loved it . . Lolzzzz

Great GamePosted by St1lt0n Ch33se 2016-08-27

Brought back the memories of watching the cartoon series of Mr Bean when I was only 9 years old. Now I'm 15. :)

I love mr beanPosted by mohammed radman 2016-08-24

He's the best I always watched mr bean and know im playing around the world i tried running away from Mrs wiked

Mr beanPosted by Andrew Parfitt 2016-07-28

Love it apart from all the adverts that are about 30 seconds long can be frusrating and hard but i play it alot

Posted by Digital Gaming 2016-07-05

I'm fan of mr. Bean and love his cartoons and games but I feel bad about him he is expired I wish he could stay

Mr bean I like very muchPosted by Harsh Singh 2016-08-31

It is review by HARSH DEEP because I know I am a hero of this world, universal of study and playing football.

My favoritePosted by pankaj kumar 2016-08-17

As everyone knows Mr. Bean and we love him a lot it's a great game I just love it WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR GAME

My mr breanPosted by Rothanak Sophea 2016-08-16

Hi the game isso good for every one that play this game next time i will get one app to hack this game ok

AwesomePosted by reetu bdeo 2016-07-16

All the countries are super cool and I love it when Mrs.Wicket will be chasing Mr.Bean. I love this game.

I love itPosted by Hend Adam Dhalai 2016-08-07

this game is amazing and bean is soo funny it been into a movie then a cartoon and now game keep going x

Good gamePosted by 2016-10-18

Nice game, but won't advertisements be a waste of time? Plz remove ads or make 15 second ads. Thank you.

Cool gamePosted by Yash Sawant 2016-07-13

I have been ever seen such a cool game ever in my life .l loved this game very much....................

BEST GAME !!!!!Posted by Mayank Raturi 2016-08-13

Best game ever played. Challenging levels and good graphics make this game BEST. Love you mr bean :-)

LodaPosted by Unnat Chandra 2016-07-26

Aaa madara bhugat pata nai chalta ka tuna agar ya app download ki kyu bolta ha ki fool tara baap fool

Really funPosted by Oneli Perera 2016-08-16

I really love this games as much as my friends that meant I love this game a lot very very very much

I just love Mr. Bean very muchPosted by vedanta sengupta 2016-07-26

I really never knew that there is games Mr. Bean.these games makes me spend so much of time laughing

WowPosted by kuber jung Malla 2016-08-27

I love the game version of mr bean i watch the cartoon all the time really fun good job making this

Awesome GamePosted by A Google User 2016-07-27

Love It Very Interesting Game My Cousins Also Like It But It Is So Difficult Anyway Best Game Ever

It is very funny gamePosted by 2016-09-10

But in this quality is not hd or funny seems arcnot there sahi kar de NAHI to ma chod the jai gii

WonderfulPosted by ANTO JOSEPH 2016-08-12

I very love this game because it has so many graphics and very beautiful this game is very cute

JABRA FAN!!!Posted by ARPITA BANERJEE 2016-10-18

I tell this thing in one word:love it . People who are saying this game is bad they are bladder

Mr.bean around the worldPosted by Ghewlee Geneblazo 2016-07-05

So very funny and challenge full try it it will be you the best player on this game thankyouœ

Addictive FunPosted by Kristian Mackie 2015-10-09

This game is great fun to play and the music is really catchy, I can't get it out of my head.

Awesome!Posted by Wael Khan 2016-07-03

Mr. Bean has always been one of my greatest comedians, thank you for this beautiful gift :)

Haha this is amazingPosted by Mark Coppen 2015-10-13

Love this game. Mrs wicket is very scary. I love how you can pogo and float, its great fun.

Best ever gamePosted by Athul M R 2016-08-23

I loved mr.bean from 1st standard.this is the most thrilling game that I have ever played.

5 star game.Posted by vidhan roy 2016-08-01

Its a lovely game which gives you a world tour on your sofa. Beware of Mrs . Wicket!!:-)

Superb......Posted by anees ahmadi 2016-07-21

It is very good it is easy to play in this game I opened all the levels it is very good

Its fantasticoPosted by Praneet Aj 2016-07-02

Its boss improve and free is the best thing but I love this game superb by endemol shine

Funnyyyyy!!Posted by Maham Sultan 2016-07-03

It's funny ☺☺☺game I 've seen the video on YouTube and I've download it.....

FunnyPosted by UMER LODHI P 2016-06-30

Mr bean Always take a solution of any problem and also i like his cartoons and movies

GoodPosted by Shahin Hossain 2016-10-11

Awesome game...I play it may nice...control was slow...try it solve the problem issue

FUNNNYY GAMEPosted by jerby josef tuburan 2016-09-10

This is the funniest of all!!!Why you dont show it to Boomerang and Cartoon Network?

HuaweiPosted by Daniyal Sohail 2016-07-17

Awesome no words about the game but did not know how to quite the game plz repair it

Posted by Md. Ibrahim Hossain 2016-07-14

The Worlds 1st Game I love love love love love love love love this gameeeeeee!!!!!!!

FunnyPosted by siju sidharth 2016-07-08

It's really funny same like the animated one and the other one which is not animated

AroundPosted by Toby Warner 2016-07-09

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo find teddy

AwesomePosted by Aisha wasti 2016-07-01

Nice to see you there. I have replaced the same time. I have replaced the same time

It's superbPosted by Urmi Kotak 2016-08-12

I actually love Mr Bean and after noticing this game I have became a fan of it. :)

CoolPosted by Ulysses Chavez 2016-10-07

It is so cool and quite awesome and so addicted it prevent my gadget from sleeping

Posted by Bazaid Khan 2016-07-12

Love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

Posted by 3js p 2016-07-03

The game is awesome. But I get crazy with the ads please don't show a lot of ads.

Its fun but...Posted by Mohib Haider 2016-07-02

Every time there's a problem in this game so please fix it please I beg you guys!

Like itPosted by Harold Phoghe Peratah 2016-10-08

It is very addictive i cant sleep without playing it if i dont play i wont be sad

PleasePosted by Harry Poter 2016-07-31

If you don't like the app don't give it a 3 o minus start just don't put nothing

Posted by Tapati Sardar 2016-07-24


BoingPosted by Vaibhav Patil 2016-07-09

Guys this game is awesomenium and it will cause a VERY very happinees i loved it

AWSOMEPosted by Raj Sharma 2016-10-09

love Just Come Back to Mr. Bean one of the best animated series to watch through

Ridham behalPosted by Ridham Behal 2016-07-01

Good game and rocking all loved it very much. Just download and enjoy the hell

InterstingPosted by Zainab Arshad 2016-09-06

This game is very intersting i love mr bean's cartoon and his game Mr bean

Posted by Asha Shetty 2016-08-23

Please start his new episodes of mr.bean I love his animated shows very much

SuperbPosted by Pushkar Ghosh 2016-07-14

The best game ever. No data connection required. Everyone should install it.

Great gamePosted by Ariel Manzur 2016-07-06

Allow me to offer my most enthusiastic contrafibularities to the developers

AwesomePosted by kusum lata 2016-08-23

Seriously yr awsm game my favourite cartoon character Mr. Bean love u yr

Gordious!!!!!!!!Posted by Masood Akhtar 2016-07-15

It's very good game but we have to unlock many things and that is not good

Mr beanPosted by 2016-10-11

I loved it a lot.nice.epic.adventure.chilgame.more over an adult game also

Posted by Yahya Akif 2016-07-14

I am also in this problem it kicks me out of the screen but good☺☺☺

Such a fun gamePosted by cool dude 2016-07-04

Love Mr bean watched his tv shows and movies ever since I was 5 years old

MrPosted by Miles Dark Tails Prower Facepalm 2016-07-03

Bean is funny, game is funny. Too cheap hats because you get hats so fast

Good gamePosted by Rimpi Nashipuri 2016-08-23

I like Mr Bean very much and it is a very good game for bean fans.......

Very cool gamePosted by Arham Malik 2016-07-16

This is a very cool game I loved it very much my description is the best

Ilove it!!!!Posted by Mariam Emad 2016-07-07

It is a very funny game but it very hard some time but love it very much

Mr. Bean game is very nicePosted by Asima Ansari 2016-07-02

In this game there are many countries like UK USA AUS IND and JAPAN etc

Mr Bean around the worldPosted by Adam Coxon 2016-07-10

I downloaded it for little cousin who is bugging me to watch peppa pig

Game I love this game please be download because I love this game mr. Bean Around the WorldPosted by Shafaq Hussain 2016-07-04

Note please be download God I love this game Please Please Me download

I love itPosted by Kashif Iqbal 2016-09-09

50th anniversary. I will be in the next few weeks ago by the end of a

Its a good onePosted by Pranav Jayanthi 2016-08-08

Really fun to play and quite addictive. I really recommend this game!

FunnyPosted by Dj_Gaming 10000 2016-07-04

Mr bean always had problems and this is the worst one he ever did :-D

Go a headPosted by bima fairus 2016-07-12

Make more officially mr.bean games please. Many people loves mr.bean

Posted by Babita Panigrahi 2016-07-02

Doesn't takes time to download .I downloaded that in just 10 seconds

Best game in the worldPosted by Rakesh Shah 2016-08-10

I liked the game in the world it is my first game played in a world

I love this gamePosted by Mohammed Tanzil 2016-07-08

Thanks so much for making this game its very much nice thanks again

YayPosted by Michelle Wong 2016-07-01

Finally this game is free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!€€€€€€

Very moousePosted by 2016-08-27

Loved this game but when Mr. Bean gives up he make a funny sound

WoooooPosted by aileen Tabudlong 2016-07-07

So funny but I'm not sure if they have any time for a new one more

GOOD NICE EXCELLENTPosted by ali Rehman 2016-09-11


Mr. BeanPosted by 2016-09-10

I love this game because it is hahahaha ka name ko rn si mr. Bean

Time killerPosted by Harshi ni 2016-07-16

Wow awesome game and it is a very good time killer and time pass

I love Mr.BeanPosted by 2016-10-16

I love him because he is very comedian person and I love his game

Posted by Absara Rafi 2016-08-27

Wonderful. Able to see maximum number of countries in this game

Mr. Bean™ Around the WorldPosted by sarwan pandey 2016-08-02

Now Mr. Bean is not only in London, but all parts of the world!!

LoriPosted by Praveen Kumar 2016-08-02

Hi i am lori i am a kid i love this game but some parts are hard

Posted by Sunny Stephen 2016-06-28

I love Mr.Bean. With this game the love has amplified even more!

Loved itPosted by Daksh Singh 2016-10-10

OMG Mr.bean around the world play this game because is wonderful

Loved itPosted by Akash Patil 2016-08-14

I love Mr bean So it is a great game and the handling is smooth

Is great thank youPosted by Xgrddggcd Sdfeff 2016-07-23

Wow its wonderful i like this game so much thank you so so much

Fantastic gamePosted by harish kant 2016-10-11

This game is very Fantastic game I want to play again and again

LolPosted by Tristanramil Ortega 2016-08-16

Take a few weeks back to me and my family is in a couple weeks

Awesome and addictivePosted by 2016-10-08

Many people told me that the game was stupid but it is awesome

Posted by chandramani gurunathan 2016-08-20

It is the best game in the cartoon games its graphics is well

Love itPosted by Osariemen Igiewe 2016-07-31

It is a really nice game actually if you're thinking about it

I love Mr beanPosted by Alexandru Goga 2016-07-09

I love Mr bean and the game is awesome so I will rate 5 stars

Just loved itPosted by Arjuna Tiwari 2016-08-26

Awesome game! If you really want to enjoy gameplay play this

Posted by Srinivas seeram 2016-07-14

I like it very much because it is a famous cartoon charecter

Mr beanPosted by Mir Imran Hussain 2016-07-03

I love the game so much so that's why I love Mr bean so much

Posted by Haimanti Dhar 2016-08-29

It is aweome . I love mr bean game . It is even interesting

SiddfanPosted by 2016-08-13

Osum game......but take time to install.....but love it!!!!

Good gamePosted by aijaz sani 2016-07-26

Very interesting I can't play it but I am giving it 5 stars

GoodPosted by sunil mathew 2016-07-22

I love this game and I am suspecting more games like this.

Mr beanPosted by muhammad aslam 2016-07-02

Mr bean is so funny and intersting I love mr bean

Love this gamePosted by Rayya Laban 2016-06-30

I love this game and I also love Mr. Bean ❤❤❤❤❤

The bestPosted by e anbarasu 2016-10-15

No matter how is the game .i love mr.bean. not played yet.

NicePosted by alaggend anna 2016-10-11

It was quite nice seeing a live character in a Disney game

AwesomePosted by rizwan kamal 2016-08-13

Pictures and characters are colourful and enjoyble

I loved itPosted by kuru aryan 2016-07-31

Aswam i just want to say banana !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

Posted by Hemanth Chandu ,s 2016-07-17

luvd it i went back again 2 my sweet and lovely childhood

Love itPosted by Mufaddal Khozema 2016-06-30

I love it because I have 1000 beans in one run of endless

Funny Mr. BeanPosted by Pradeep Rs 2016-08-14

Good, nice graphics, an extra wonderful game ever played

BhajiPosted by Deepika Katariya Jain 2016-07-14

Thanks to everyone who has been the most part of the day

Vvv excellentPosted by Sanjeev Kumar Sinha 2016-07-08

U will get the whole city of Mr bean as u see in cartoon

AmazingPosted by Tamjid Ahmed 2016-07-08

Tooooooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Love about gamesPosted by Sherry Bhai 2016-07-06

I love this game so much because of its simplest and fun

Love itPosted by 2016-10-14

Good graphics lovely game nice to play........ Mr. Bean

So funPosted by Alliyah Dela Rosa 2016-08-27

I like this you can installed it very beautiful!!♡♥

NostalgicPosted by Kannan Es 2016-08-23

I feel nostalgic when i play this game.. Love this game

GreatPosted by Leen Nasser 2016-07-16

Nothing to say about the game,but i love the cartoon!!!

GoooooooooooodPosted by Mahi Mostafa 2016-07-15

Gopppooooooood gaaaaaammmmeee foooor eeeeeevvvvvvvveeer

Awesome.Posted by 2016-09-09

I love it best game ever created can't stop playing it

I like this game Posted by 2016-08-28

It's so amazing I really like Mr. Bean ...I'm so happy

Having funPosted by Amit Mehta 2016-08-03

I am very happy with this game.This game is very good.

Posted by Ayush Shaw 2016-07-16

Playing as Mr.Bean.. Know how it feels? It's Good.....

Posted by Vonnell Lipscomb 2016-07-09

My favorite since his funny episodes back in the day .

Stubbornly addictivePosted by victor tabuzo 2016-07-06

Love it hope you guys add a bonus if you catch her cat

I like dis gemePosted by emmanouil 123 2016-07-01

I wil for dis geme we update dad u kan run on the moon

Interesting gamePosted by Dk Dkd 2016-07-09

Is game is interested and Mr bean my favorite cartoon

Love it!Posted by Mor Fall 2016-07-04

Its amazing. There 's exactly no problem, I love it !

Posted by arsh kamaljot 2016-07-03

Being a Mr. Bean fan... couldn't resist this game....

Love Mr Bean!Posted by NOBAID MOHD 2016-06-28

Awesome story and interesting running. Just loved it!

No no no..Posted by 2016-10-18

I love this app and i can do a sick impression of him

AwesomePosted by HACKIN MACHINE 2016-09-03

I like it very much... Thanks for creating this game

Posted by Mika Sithole 2016-08-29

I love Mr bean so much and my baby sisters adores it

Dumb Hoosain MoosaPosted by sumaiya rumi 2016-08-25

Hey Hoosain Moosa can you stop being a jeurk????????

Lovely and funnyPosted by Cindy Flores 2016-08-12

Mr Ben is soo cute and funny he always make me laugh

Game loverPosted by The Beast 2016-08-01

I give 2 best rank of my game box include Pokemon go

Love the gamePosted by Busisiwe Monica 2016-07-23

I'm soo inlove with the game I can't stop playing it

I love you mr beanPosted by soban anwar 2016-07-18

Its awsome but i want more country like pakistan etc

Posted by Qasim Khan 2016-07-01

Loved it because it is my favorite cartoon character

Posted by 2016-08-12

Rest game ever if you don't download it your a jerk

Great game!Posted by Fernando Spina 2016-07-20

I loved the design of the levels, they're so fun :P

Mr BeanPosted by Hariharan Vishal 2016-07-17

Vvvvvvvvvvvvvv good I loved it. should be five star

Loved itPosted by Shazia Akhter 2016-07-02

Mr.bean is my favourite so I had download this game

DjfhfjvxnvPosted by Amardeep Sharma 2016-10-11

Fighting for the rights of the child. Hello how are

I KNOW THAT ALL OF THEM SAYING IT BADPosted by silpi mallik 2016-08-13

No! it is not bad ,they do not know how to use it.

Love this appPosted by Sohail Talpur 2016-07-27

It is a gr8 app but in its upgrade plz fix the bug

WonderfulPosted by 丹れモメモ丹れ 2016-07-15

I love it it feels like when I wasa kid playing it

I love this gamePosted by Ella Danciu 2016-07-03

This game is very funny and I'm like it very much!

Funny gamePosted by Tushar Tushar 2016-07-02

It is so funny game and I love this game very much

Really loving gamePosted by Ashish Garg 2016-10-10

Its excellent but its always shows many ad so much

Posted by Mariam Soufan 2016-09-09

Unbelievable,it's nice,the best of Mr Bean games.

KiSsMuCcOPosted by Ruget The 2016-08-15

Wow...nice game..I love Mr bean its so fun game..

I loved itPosted by Remy xD 2016-08-14

Make it better and better...★★★★★ =^.^=

GamePosted by Fiona Davis 2016-07-28

I loved it it was/allways will be awsome /amazing

So funny and runnyPosted by Kiruthika D 2016-07-23

It is so funny and runny but I'm in 6th level too

FREE nowPosted by marco balzan 2016-07-22

Oh yea firdt this was with momey now its FREE yay

Posted by Carline Louis 2016-07-12

I absolutely love mr.bean especially when I was 7

LovePosted by Effendi Amir 2016-09-10

I like mr.bean around the world because.........

This is very nice gamesPosted by Nanang Nj 2016-08-24

I went to download all this games about Mr Bean.

Very GoodPosted by Quratulain Usman 2016-07-29


Mr. MUSLIMPosted by Djallel Benattia 2016-07-23

I love you so much Mr.Bean .. my Muslim brother.

BestPosted by JoGames 5 2016-07-01

It's the best game that plays on tv and it funny

Great gamePosted by dini safitri 2016-06-29

Love the grapics and how mr bean resolve matters

GoodPosted by mohsin kamal 2016-06-28

Good game and me bean is my favourite character.

Mr beanPosted by 2016-10-09

I like it because you get to go around the world

Mr .beanPosted by Amna Wazeer 2016-08-20

Awesome game it works more quicker when upgrade

AwesomePosted by Smera Sameer 2016-08-11


Nice gamePosted by Mohamed Shafiq 2016-07-29

Very nice and very fun and very very super game

Very good gamePosted by Sandeep Arora 2016-07-21

I loved this game because it's very interesting

Awesome game ....Posted by SiB10 Arain 2016-07-18

I just loved it .. It is really a nice game ...

It's really coolPosted by Kayla Street 2016-07-05

I love this game already it's so funny and cute

Posted by Rizwan Khan 2016-10-16

i like this game but to many ads its ok ti play

Posted by Charbel Andraos 2016-10-15

it's funny to play this game ♡♡♡☆☆☆

Posted by 2016-10-09

That's really good I like Mr bean so ilke this

BrilliantPosted by Tic Gag 2016-07-16

It's brilliant everyone should rate it 5 stars

AmazingPosted by John Michael Massamba 2016-07-07

It's so cool that I can never let this game go

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