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Please add Google account sign in!Posted by Melissa ツ 2016-09-09

Almost lost all my game progress after needing to do a factory reset. Luckily it managed to link to the Facebook account even though it showed an error at the time. The actual game play is pretty good and it's very addictive.

Nice But...Posted by Tarun Sharma 2016-07-28

Its a vry gud game but suddenly it has started hanging whenever i visit this game its closes on its own to varify this i shared this game to one of my frnds after playing for 3 to 4 days the same disaster is being done....

Please Add More CountriesPosted by XyreNicole Antallan 2016-07-17

Hello Im New In Playing This Game And I Love So Please Add More Countries In This Game So The Game Is Longer And Better That All Thank You

Great game, but not worth £1.99.Posted by MRYT 2016-02-22

This is an awesome game, but personally I don't think it is worth £2. Please make it so it's only £0.96p :)

Amazing gamePosted by Nour FN 2016-07-21

But i can't login to facebook i keep pressing the button it doesn't work please fix it and i will give you 5

Could be better.........Posted by Sangeetha Pingali 2016-07-27

I am Sangeetha pingali's daughter.I loved the game,but it would be better if everything was unlocked.

At first I think this is so easy gamePosted by Nabila Firdausi 2016-07-29

But it kindly hard to achieve 100% goal hahahaha.. I really like this game because it's Mr.Bean

No exit option????Posted by 2016-10-10

There is no exit option...i alwys press the middle button of my samsung phone...plz help.. :(

Mr. Bean around the worldPosted by Gail MCKENZIE 2016-07-14

Love idea and animation set of the game. I wish I was able to play the game though decently.

Posted by rachit joshi 2016-07-18

Em not offended much but the map of India is INCOMPLETE and DISTORTED! Kindly change it.

Superb..Posted by Jyoti Gupta 2016-07-17

Its a superb game, and quite addictive. My 3 yr old son even loves watching it too.

Posted by Danyl Pickering 2016-07-01

My Daughter loves Mr Bean & I'm thrilled I've got this for her to play ☺

YeahPosted by Sushma Rai 2016-07-22

Ummm.................................what to say &how to but impressed♥

Very fun butPosted by Nico Paulo I. Paungan 2016-07-26

Very fun that it is addicting but the controls could further be improved :)

Posted by Vinyl Scratch 2016-07-28

I hate mr bean, but i like the game mode, so i rated 4 stars for this game

My favouritePosted by Harry Muslim 2016-07-18

Genius funny character. But a little bit tired with the ads come too often

Good butPosted by mounika brundavanam 2016-08-04

Game gets started and suddenly displays Mr. Bean is unfortunately stopped

Very entertainingPosted by saadia syed 2016-07-19

Too many adds though..would have been five stars without the add breaks

CoolPosted by JIYA DESAI 2016-07-14

Very nice I watch Mr.Bean its my favorite but now it doesn't come on TV

NicePosted by 2016-08-19

This is the nice game everyone can play this game. I love this game.

Super KroPosted by Samantha Lipok 2016-07-18

Itz jus lik super mario but mr.Bean the topic so no worries 4 me

So nice gamesPosted by randy cloud 2016-07-12

I love this game because it is so very fabulous game that i seen

Mister beenPosted by Katie Ansell 2016-08-15

I like mister been because I each him on tell he is very funny

Like Posted by 2016-10-08

I like it. But the fact that Mrs. Wicket is here creeps me out.

Posted by Rio Ramirez 2016-08-16

Its a good game but I can't open it up anymore. I feel sad too

Good gamePosted by Adarsh Sharma 2016-07-15

I really like it कारन कि मला आवडला

MR. BEAN is here!!!Posted by David Ward 2016-07-28

My favorite comedian now in a game! Okay, Mr Bean, way to go!

Posted by Gopinath M.K 2016-07-02

Ya super games awesome graphics not gud so I will give 4stars

Addictive butPosted by Janben Ceralde 2016-07-16

I love this game but the problem is there is no quit button

NicePosted by Khaled Elgedamy 2016-08-26

I liked it its a great game really woooooooooooooooooooow

Posted by mursal nori 2016-07-19

Mr bean around the world is the best game on the universe

Superb.Posted by suraj don 2016-07-09

Classsicc. And. Muje. Bachpan y;aad aa gy;@aaaaAAaaaaa

BravoPosted by Tahura Syed 2016-07-03

The only problem is that it has adds after every run :-)

Mr beanPosted by Ruthra manikandan 2016-07-17

Nice to play tht game but some thing r come inbetween

KindaPosted by Khassidy Weir 2016-07-21

It's fun and all take this advice from me I'm a kid.

More levels ....Posted by Kareem Amr 2016-07-17

Its a very good game but there is not alot of levels

Posted by Amir Samira 2016-08-02

The game is awsome to play and pretty hard as well.

Good obstcelsPosted by Vidyashree Patil 2016-08-25

Proper obstacles on proper time and proper place.

GoodPosted by 2016-10-07

It is great but need more challenging actions.

Add invitePosted by Roan Galz 2016-07-20

Pls add invite option for friends in facebook

FunnyPosted by John Carl Rendon 2016-09-10

Hhhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhha iittsss!! So funny

Liked itPosted by judI hossam 2016-06-27

It just keeps on getting harder and harder!

Posted by 2016-08-30

Hi!this game is good and make me loveable

Posted by 2016-08-23

I love Mr Bean so much so I Love this game

GoodPosted by 2016-10-07

Nice and confusing.... game i likked it..

AlbadastyPosted by Muhammad Waleed 2016-08-27

Gobandy shababy qutay albadasty matwata

I like this gamePosted by Eliza Beth 2016-08-20

Because its verry good and i like it

Posted by Jinal Mehta 2016-10-13

Good but i like it most in my all game

LikedPosted by Mah Sabrin Ahmed 2016-07-22

Good game it truly has a good texture

Posted by Ruchi Singhal 2016-07-20

It has alot of ads popping in between

PakistanPosted by Talha Khalid 2016-07-14

Please add pakistan in this game also

Good graphicsPosted by 2016-10-07

I really play this game very joyingly

BrilliantPosted by 2016-08-26

Very good levels & easy to play

Posted by Hanna Nadya 2016-08-23

Kenapa jadi gak bisa dibuka gamenya

It's really funnyPosted by 2016-09-11

I like the game it's funny and fun

WowPosted by karuna sawant 2016-10-12

Very nice game. Cant stop playing

worth spending timePosted by jhey delto 2016-08-10

it was so good and entertaining

EnjoyablePosted by 2016-08-21

It really nice it is enjoyable

It's a good game but I hate having to unlock levels and when your at the airport! You don't have enoPosted by ebisso ebisso 2016-10-10

That's why I "liked" this game

Mr. BeanPosted by Paul Ashley Obregon Obregon 2016-07-15

I like this because I like it

Easy to playPosted by Sabbir Munim 2016-08-20

I enjoyed to play this game.

Must playPosted by 2016-08-16

Good graphics,very addictive

Posted by 2016-08-15

Its all like real mr.bean!!!

Very nice gamePosted by Anurag Sinha 2016-08-15

Many countries bean travels

Posted by Vanu Narula 2016-07-20

It does not alow to sign in

Good to playPosted by Ali Ghamgosari 2016-07-10

Very lovely game install it

PleasePosted by Kashif Ansari 2016-08-05

Can you make me bean:dash?

Posted by Bre Bre 2016-07-25

I'm enjoying it so far lol

Best gamePosted by Adithyan A 2016-08-20

I am a big fan of Mr.Bean

GoodPosted by Abinash Satapathy 2016-08-16

Is it playing in internet

NicePosted by mubaraz saleem 2016-07-17

I play it in my free time

Posted by Yatheesh T R 2016-08-24

It's good ....I liked it

Posted by 2016-08-15

xc gv xyjn cc c

PrathamPosted by Pratham Malhotra 2016-08-11

Good game but not superb

Slow and steadyPosted by Achanta Ratnam 2016-08-19

Very slow but good game

It's goodPosted by Tasheena Patel 2016-07-19

#addictive ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I love itPosted by Musfirah salman 2016-07-14

I like Mr bean also :)

Loved itPosted by aparna vardhineni 2016-07-04

It was an awesome game

Good !!Posted by lubna butt 2016-07-20

I like this game ....

Posted by Bashir Shah 2016-07-15

Disliked it. Liked it

Posted by Elma Memon 2016-07-04

Nice game i liked it

ChanduPosted by jaya chandrudu 2016-08-17

I like this verymuch

Ourflag is goodPosted by Azllan Walid 2016-07-17

The game is too hard

Posted by 2016-08-24

Nice game i lovd it

Nice musicPosted by VARIETY COLLECTIONS Naduvattam-Edappal 2016-07-24

Perfect back ground

Posted by rahul rahul 2016-07-09

Nice game i love it

Posted by Kala Reddy 2016-07-04

I like it very much

Too expensivePosted by Asanda Maphumulo 2016-08-24

In southern Africa

OK......Posted by Nisarg Doshi 2016-08-13

A good time killer

Nice gamePosted by dwaraka nath 2016-08-07

Good game good fun

LovePosted by Vinit Randad 2016-07-02

Asome gam loved it

Posted by Rumaisa Zunnoor 2016-08-18

Hope it will work

Posted by Aiza Butt 2016-08-10

I love this game.

A nice gamePosted by melanie pace 2016-07-20

I love it so much

I love this game but a little borimg type but coolPosted by Sharvani Singbal 2016-10-10

Keep it up guys

Posted by Falgun Patel 2016-08-13


Posted by Thomas Bayer 2016-07-15

Worth the price.

Posted by Znet Setneu 2016-07-15

Awesome games..

Posted by poonam rani 2016-06-30

It' a nice game

BEAN TOYPosted by Jerick Ochong 2016-07-23


Its coolPosted by Jemrod Lagonera 2016-07-08

And great game

Posted by Deepa V 2016-09-08

Just loved it

I love Mr.Bean ❤Posted by 2016-08-21

This so good

Posted by 2016-08-15

mind blowing

GoodPosted by mukul singh 2016-08-08

The fantastic

Posted by corleonejaca123321 2016-07-01

Great Game :)

Very great gamePosted by 2016-08-19

this is hott

Posted by sony samsung 2016-07-21

Too many ads

Posted by Encee Resurreccion Sangre-Park 2016-07-21


Posted by Mohan Udaiyar 2016-07-06

funny game

ThanksPosted by Sanjeewa Silva 2016-08-25

I like this

GoodPosted by Tara Raut 2016-07-24

Easy to use

It is goodPosted by 2016-08-13


Posted by Shaivya Singh 2016-08-02

That great

Posted by Rinky Arora 2016-07-23

Funny game

Mr.BeanPosted by Marjo Kapedani 2016-08-30


BeautifulPosted by Jayan Thomas 2016-08-20


Posted by satvik singh 2016-08-13

Nice game

AlexPosted by Alex Dsouza 2016-08-12

Good game

Posted by salman shoaib 2016-08-07

Great job

Goog for timepassPosted by Pankaj jain 2016-08-01


Posted by Akash magesh 2016-07-14

Good game

Posted by Chaitanya Kishore 2016-07-14

Nice one!

Posted by Deepak Khandale 2016-07-14

Nice game

Posted by korimilla yashwanth reddy 2016-07-13


GreatPosted by Hem Sampang 2016-07-13

I love it

GoodPosted by Ayisha sasna. k 2016-07-11

I love it

Posted by jojolyalyona axr 2016-07-10

Looks fun

Posted by Nandini sahu 2016-07-01

Good game

Mr Bean around the worldPosted by clarita corpuz 2016-10-14

I like it

APosted by Akmal Malik 2016-08-31


KutamaPosted by Yumna Batool 2016-08-13


Mr BeanPosted by Talha Ahmed 2016-07-08

So Funny

Mr.BeanPosted by devita sari 2016-07-04

Coba ahh

GauravPosted by Manu Jeet 2016-07-02

Very bad

Love youPosted by Thanderm Sioson 2016-10-09

Mr. Bean

FunnyPosted by Arielle Rodrigues 2016-08-21

Love it

Posted by Mariancoleen Lucaten 2016-08-12

Iike it

Very good gamePosted by eswar roa 2016-08-12


Posted by krishma basnet 2016-07-12

Love it

Posted by 2016-10-11


mr beanPosted by Rob Bob 2016-07-14

its ok

I'm Mr beanPosted by Shaik Salam 2016-07-01

Ya I'm

Posted by Shah Alam 2016-07-11


SuperPosted by Theerthak K 2016-07-02


HaHaha!!Posted by Nadra Kautsar 2016-06-28


boringPosted by shahrizan yusuf 2016-09-11


Posted by Pandia Raj 2016-08-29


Temple runPosted by Haley Jacob Belican 2016-08-28


Posted by Evans Oyenubi 2016-08-27


Posted by sana fatima 2016-08-27


Naive.Posted by 2016-08-24


Naive.Posted by Ratul Ali 2016-08-24


Posted by MANAN SINGH 2016-08-12


Posted by Vyas Sandip 2016-08-12


Mr beanPosted by m jagadeesan 2016-07-22


GoodPosted by Riyadul Islam 2016-07-21


Good gamesPosted by Sahil Khandelwal 2016-07-18


Posted by Kishor Soanki 2016-07-16


SuperblyPosted by Charles Terngu 2016-07-14


Posted by Adil Alamin 2016-07-11


EttsiPosted by Kazim Raza 2016-07-04


SuperPosted by JAKIR Jakir 2016-10-09


Posted by Abu sayed robin 2016-09-02


Posted by Rolan Val Aggabao 2016-08-23


JvhPosted by sumati singh 2016-08-02


123Posted by Ahmed Kamran 2016-07-07


Posted by Shyam Jhoboo 2016-08-21


NicPosted by Rishabh Mann 2016-07-23


Posted by Kiki Pirates 2017-08-03

Well.. Its good and fun but i think there is too many adds.. The rest its ok

Posted by Biswajit Mohanty 2017-08-03

Mr bean always funny

Posted by Kean Lee 2017-08-03

I only liked it.

Posted by Richibung Rai 2017-08-03

it us nice

Posted by viswanatham krishnachaitanya 2017-08-03

It is a good game.i loved it ,but too many advertisements

Posted by PARIJAT DAS 2017-08-03

It's very bumpy!

Posted by Anil Adlakha 2017-08-02

Its awsm

Posted by Kashmala Hussain 2017-08-01

I love Mr mean so I like this game as well

Posted by 2017-08-01

I love Mr.bean and the game is very nice

Posted by 2017-08-01


Posted by 2017-07-31

This game is ok but it could do with some work

Posted by Khaleel Smith 2017-07-31


Posted by geetha murthy 2017-07-31

OK cool

Posted by R Kumar 2017-07-31


Posted by moulika devi 2017-07-31

Good.. but where is teddy??

Posted by Varun Suresh 2017-07-30

Cool gameplay

Posted by Sammy. Styled 2017-07-30

Great game

Posted by Zihad Hasan 2017-07-30


Posted by 2017-07-30

Very nice graphic, I like it very much

Posted by Pauline Bainsfair 2017-07-28

A good game but have some problems as I can not play it now says touch screen to play than says loading and than his back to main page please sort it out

Posted by Sandra Kilibarda 2017-07-27

It's ok

Posted by Rafey Azhar 2017-07-26

A good nd intrstng game

Posted by Pranit Madupa 2017-07-26


Posted by emily sigot 2017-07-25

It's been a long experience

Posted by Adrian Wright 2017-07-23

A simple run and collect game based on the animatied version of the comedy British show. Faithful reproduction of the animation style and authentic mumbling from the man himself, reminiscent of the classic Mr. Magoo cartoons. Can be frustratingly difficult at times, considering its target audience. Also a little heavy on storage requirements and could do with some optimisation. Constant crashing is the major problem. Developers need to address this issue with a can of bug spray. Could be better.

Posted by Mallikarjun Binjalabhavi 2017-07-21

I liked it but checkup the map of india

Posted by Rony Dutta 2017-07-15

Nice game

Posted by 2017-07-15

i like the game mr bean around the world

Posted by tanshi khan 2017-07-13

intresting game

Posted by Nasar Kc 2017-07-12


Posted by sudeshna bhattacharya 2017-07-12


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