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Doesn't work properlyPosted by Sanya Oberoi 2016-09-10

I love Mr.Bean but this game is disgusting... The games hangs so much... And there are many more problems in the game...and the game doesn't load even...!!! Help me out!!!!

Let me play this game!Posted by nur izzati zullkefly 2016-07-09

Why I can't play this game? I already login Facebook and done. after a few minutes, it's say ' unfortunately, Mr bean around the world has stopped '...what is this mean?

I Love mr. beanPosted by Ashirvaad santhosh 2016-08-14

The best the run of around the world is London, india, japan, Australia, Mexico and U.S.A good funs balloos and bouncing bean and car or find in teddy

Very difficultPosted by Taha Zaffar 2016-08-11

Great game with unique features but levels are waaaaaaay too difficult and it all seems like a plan to make more and more micro transactions.

ProblemPosted by 2016-09-05

Not everyone who plays this game has a account for Facebook so it is not fair that if you didn't sign in everything won't save

Awesome experiencePosted by Pooja Mahajan 2016-09-02

Loved the game. But did not like the way India is displayed in the game with all the snake charmers and the flying carpet.

Mr. Bean is hilarious and I love his moviesPosted by Kelsey Rawlins 2016-10-07

I liked the game and y'all have crappy phones cuz it works great on mine but it was a lil boring so I'm uninstalling it

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Good until....Posted by GhostfaceinNotts 2016-07-14

New update = fb impossible to login.. press button and it just keeps popping back up...very annoying..

It's ok butPosted by Sandip chitale 2016-07-10

After touch home button play and another options goes black and game can't start only music play

Mr. BeanPosted by Utpal Kalita 2016-07-19

Official game fun but had a problem that all countries are not unlocked so i not give 5 to them

Cud b betterPosted by Amit Singha 2016-09-09

The game is ok. Interesting but could have been better. Well its fun with mr bean anyways...

Fix it, please!Posted by Monica Luhur 2016-07-19

I like the game but it shuts down automatically. It makes me crazy every time I played it!

It's OKPosted by Romias Mills Waki 2016-07-20

I liked it even though the graphics were not that interesting...but it's OK for me.

Posted by Jonna Libron 2016-07-22

I love it but the cat can be a little annoying because its not fair for others

Moto G4 plusPosted by Ryan Parikh 2016-10-13

It's crashing.. it's not connecting with Facebook, fix it.., on my Moto g4 plus

Good butPosted by Keolin Pillay 2016-10-11

To many things at the same time......also a lot of time before you get the car

Need bean to continue levelPosted by Aliff cheah 2016-07-09

I'm unlock level 8 and reach Lev9 but if I'm go to rest I can continue Lev8

NicePosted by Shana parveen 2016-07-14

I love baby so happy whn he play dis game...n we r love mr.bean...

Posted by Alex Blom 2016-08-01

You can only login with Facebook otherwise your progress won't be tracked

Posted by Sayyam Jain 2016-10-11

Good game for time pass but in 10 mins of playing there are 5 mins of ads

It is okPosted by lanka kameswari 2016-08-20

Boring...Same obstacles throughout all levels but many countries.☺

Posted by Chloe Agtay Dooday18 2016-08-10

I think its going to be beeny hahaha did you get it hahahahahaha!!!

Tadaaaa....Posted by Faziatul Akma 2016-07-23

Nice game but i can't choose the country after i done the chapter

Posted by Corvette Gage 2016-07-23

It still nice but it was stop in 2m I can't play now i remove it

Not too goodPosted by Meenakshi Sood 2016-07-22

I like Mr Bean but it is boring . It is good for children

I almost like this gamePosted by Parineeta Phukan Medhi 2016-08-14

I almost like this game as because it was not lodding ..

AwesomePosted by unzi Shah 2016-07-21

Mr Bean is my favourite cartoon and I love this game

Posted by Kristina D. D. 2016-08-21

Awsome game but when i open japan app crashes!!! :(

Good gamePosted by 2016-08-25

This game is so good game every person play game

MR RABBIPosted by 2016-08-17

it very good game but,,, didn't work after upgrade

Posted by Queenie Zel 2016-08-19

Fun game but the app crashes when I opened japan

OmgPosted by Nashyla Wilson 2016-07-11

My sisters r dying for me to get this game like

It shut off by itselfPosted by Mogeeb Hamdani 2016-07-18

When entering to Japan level the game closes !

Posted by Vijaya Polavarapu 2016-07-10

I'dont no even how the game is it asked i did

Posted by vedant Garud 2016-10-08

I will be in the school I play in the school

Posted by 2016-08-17

Valia rassonnum vicharikkanda onnnnuuuullaa

Posted by rohan swami 2016-07-20

Game is good. But too many ads..pls fix. It

hackingPosted by Muhammad Junaid 2016-07-05

who need to know how to hack this game

Kids gamePosted by Mhammad Umair 2016-08-21

Good work......... Good source of fun

one promlemPosted by manuni ralte 2016-07-02

this game lags alot so please fix it

Posted by Rahana Nabi . 2016-08-11

It's ok but not so good as expected

Roman reignsPosted by Pervaiz Mirza 2016-07-22

This game is not so bad not so cool

Posted by Deepika deepu 2016-08-12

Nice game.... it's OK for children

Posted by Tara Rani Buragohain 2016-07-30

it's not very good but it's good

Posted by 2016-08-31

I always use to love this show

Posted by darshini darshini 2016-10-08

Nice game but little difficult

Samsung galaxy s6 edgePosted by V P Sasi kumar 2016-08-31

Awesome game.. I love it! ♥

ExitPosted by Mike Shehata 2016-07-18

Where to exit game ?? No exit

AdventuretravelPosted by Northern Motors 2016-08-22

This gameisagoodtime passed

mr.beanPosted by Ashs Singh 2016-10-08

it is cool but not too much

Posted by Deepak Singh 2016-09-06

It is good but so many ads

Posted by Pial Ahmed 2016-08-15

it take so long to downlod

Posted by Ashim Das 2016-08-24

My child likes how funny

Posted by Sachiko Magbanua 2016-07-08

Cute games for my kiddos

Posted by Sanjna Ahuja 2016-10-07

The control are not good

Posted by amirul idham 2016-07-14

Cannot login facebook

It's okPosted by Shadab Khan 2016-08-11

It's ok for children

Posted by Sherene Garcia 2016-08-30

this game is funny.

Posted by 2016-08-22

Khub akta vhalo noi

I like it butPosted by Haadiya Zahraa Hosany 2016-07-06

Its tooooo dificult

Mr beanPosted by 2016-10-08

OK enjoyed the game

like itPosted by Raquel Basag 2016-08-27

this is aWsome

OkPosted by TRAYLORD MASTER 2016-08-24

Arte ng mga peg

Posted by 2016-08-21

I love Mr bearn

Posted by Karthikai Selvan 2016-08-12


PawanPosted by Lucia Kachhap 2016-07-09

Good game it is

Posted by Ians Eryka 2016-07-09

I can't open it

Labas 3likomPosted by 2016-09-10

Labas hmd ou

WowPosted by Rand Majali 2016-08-30

Amazing game

NebunilorPosted by 2016-10-15


Posted by Meet Ambulkar 2016-10-11

It so funny

Posted by Revmanj Sm 2016-08-10

Funny game

Posted by shasank chaubey 2016-07-27

It is nice

BugPosted by Edward Johnver 2016-07-24

It has bug

Posted by Vishal Rai 2016-07-22

Not so bad

Mr beanPosted by 2016-08-28

Cute nice

This game is very goodPosted by Shaa Shine 2016-08-11

It’s OK

Posted by Shubham Hatwar 2016-07-14

Nice game

Posted by Chetan Kumar 2016-07-08

Nice game

OKPosted by vijay surajinfotech 2016-10-12


Posted by Futihatut Taufiqoti 2016-08-25

Liked it

NicePosted by Manju dinuu 2016-07-21

Run more

JayasreePosted by Jayasreeb Baiju 2016-10-12


BeanPosted by Jayson Casilihan 2016-08-29


Posted by Rakshith rai 2016-07-24

Not bad

Its okPosted by abdullah bhai 2016-07-21

Not bad

Posted by selamat belma 2016-10-13


Posted by Shyamraj ekkal 2016-10-13

Jest ok

LynnePosted by Lynne Charman 2016-09-05

Its ok

Posted by Anujit Maity 2016-08-31


Mr. BeanPosted by Lanie Marinay 2016-08-14


Posted by 2016-09-03


Posted by Prince Vk 2016-08-26


Mr.beamPosted by Sem Nay 2016-07-05


PiastPosted by ramjan howlader 2016-10-14


Posted by MD Manzur 2016-09-11


Posted by Kevin George 2016-08-25


Posted by Ashu Thakur 2016-08-11


Posted by Zain Horan 2016-08-06


GoodPosted by Alok jain 2016-08-03


Posted by Nigat Khatoon 2016-07-20


Posted by Shiv raam 2016-07-14


Posted by Apporvan Appu 2016-07-04


Posted by Ashfaque Ansari 2016-10-12


zohaib falkPosted by nouman butt 2016-10-08


Posted by Prestha Tiwari 2016-10-07


Posted by Bobo Volvol 2016-09-01


Posted by Pranshu Varshney 2016-08-23


HitPosted by anita singh 2016-07-20


Good gamePosted by Ghulam Abbas 2016-07-26


Mr.beenPosted by Venu Palati 2016-07-16


NicePosted by Riya Jethva 2016-07-15


HnPosted by Muhammad Arshad 2016-07-14


Posted by Glennaise Galanza 2016-07-13


Posted by Sumit Jana 2017-08-01


Posted by Artur Wysocki 2017-07-31

Kind of good ok

Posted by Tanveerul Islam 2017-07-31

Everything was ok but ok but ok but ok but 1 day it suddenly stopped working it kept loading and then it stopped. And every time I opened it, it said unfortunately the game is stopped and I just couldn't play anymore

Posted by VISWANATHAN V 2017-07-29

Enjoyable game

Posted by 2017-07-29

Nice game but it very difficulty

Posted by 2017-07-23

Posted by Aditya Kumar 2017-07-18

Hello talk about the game environment by the the game and

Posted by alen jobi 2017-07-15

It is a good game

Posted by vahid varasteh 2017-07-14

Its good for your child

Posted by Amakiri Harrison 2017-07-13

I don't like it to much, but I still don't hate it.

Posted by 2017-07-12

Posted by meenakshi agrawal 2017-07-09

Out standing

Posted by dzidzorm adusu 2017-07-07


Posted by Bhanu Partap singh 2017-07-04

nice game

Posted by KING ANEEB 2017-07-02

Posted by Shakti Singh 2017-07-01

It's a nice game nd I love mr. Bean from my childhood

Posted by 2017-06-30

bhai thik thak sa.....

Posted by Baiju Thomas 2017-06-29

it is a bit fun

Posted by Yaşasın Aleks 2017-06-27

Update it :)

Posted by Aman Maurya 2017-06-26

Nice game and its features are not bad

Posted by Danish Salleh95 2017-06-26

everything's is okay for me.

Posted by Daniel Vonstowver 2017-06-26

Easy for kids to play and doesn't use much data w/o wifi.

Posted by 2017-06-25

I just updated it and it is having Problem when you get to Mexico it is not fair please fix it

Posted by avjot maan 2017-06-24

Go od

Posted by Shamim Ahamed 2017-06-21


Posted by vivek gupta 2017-06-20

Nice one

Posted by Vyshak r nair 2017-06-20

Nice game I like rovan atkinson

Posted by Soham Girdhari 2017-06-19

It's okay but as I expected it's not really good...

Posted by Fahim Muntasir Nahid 2017-06-17!

Posted by 2017-06-16

I haven't played yet but it seemed nice

Posted by rohana ali 2017-06-16

The games is very good and best

Posted by 2017-06-13


Posted by Prem Mahalingam 2017-06-11

Nice but controls are poor

Posted by Sun Salutin 2017-06-10


Posted by michael Jandric 2017-06-09


Posted by dharmendra choudhary 2017-06-09

Yash choudhary

Posted by 2017-06-08

sometimes, the control did not work properly untill i feel it is bad.

Posted by shubham patel 2017-06-08


Posted by Shahfaiz Khan 2017-06-06


Posted by 2017-06-06

It,s not easy too much!❕❓WHY❓❔❕

Posted by 2017-06-06

it's fine but adds are too much

Posted by 2017-06-05

Very super game but little more levels need

Posted by AWAN LALA 2017-06-04


Posted by Prasant Kishore 2017-06-02

Fine but i dint play

Posted by Banana Pooplord 2017-05-30


Posted by Mia Antonio 2017-05-30


Posted by 2017-05-30

Ok Deserving and gud game for playing Satisfied

Posted by Noil Gupta 2017-05-29

Its good game

Posted by Wimpy Kid 2017-05-28

Hell with ads and why doesn't the app shut on clicking back button? Good game btb

Posted by Jagminder Jagminder 2017-05-28


Posted by Jon Angeles 2017-05-27

Frame rate dropping

Posted by 2017-05-26

Ok Some nice

Posted by 2017-05-24

The y6

Posted by 2017-05-21

It is a nice time killer

Posted by Beverlyn Guirigay 2017-05-19


Posted by nita parmar 2017-05-19

Funny game

Posted by shashi swami 2017-05-17

It is a grt time kllr

Posted by 2017-05-15

The game contains way too many bugs. Some of the achievements won't appear in the achievement book. And once you complete​ all the countries, the game will shut down. If you want to play again, you must start from the scratch.

Posted by Ali Janbaz 2017-05-15

It's good but Mr Bean can't be catched by old

Posted by Shankar Nagalingam 2017-05-15


Posted by 2017-05-13

To many adds i unistall it

Posted by sujaya natesan 2017-05-13

Super do operating

Posted by 2017-05-13

It is best game for my children

Posted by Priyanka Dhuri 2017-05-12


Posted by 2017-05-11

Seems very ffuunnyyyy

Posted by pavan kumar 2017-05-11

Ya nice app

Posted by 2017-05-10

Way to many ads. I so wanted to play this game but I couldn't because of all the ads that keep coming up.

Stephen KingPosted by 2017-05-10


Posted by Razane Laribi 2017-05-09

It's ok

Posted by chris junio 2017-05-07

its hard to login using facebook ,,and the game was crashed.. cant save detail after made a game offline,,

Posted by Shahdab Tasneem 2017-05-07

I enjoyed this game but it takes lots of time to complete 1 level and do u think india has old roads

merynPosted by 2017-05-07


Posted by sam joseph 2017-05-06


Posted by Adrian Weza 2017-05-05

its a great game but I hate e part when I hv to login to Facebook

Posted by KAVYA DEVI 2017-05-05

super game

Posted by 2017-05-05

Nice game bu bad levels

Posted by bhavani balaji 2017-05-04

My name is rajesh ramank

Posted by Double Aleph 2017-05-03

Silly game. It's too monotonous and repetitive.

Posted by harish kalupukuri 2017-05-03

Hello developers, I paid ₹40 to unlock all countries, but when I tried to play in other countries it is asking to unlock by paying ₹40 again. Refund my ₹40 or unlock all the countries.

Posted by Kushana Nani 2017-05-01

Nice game

Posted by 2017-05-01

Tso funny

Posted by Andy Oei 2017-05-01

Kenapa saat bermain saat tamat keluar iklan

Posted by Neil Garwa 2017-04-30

It's OK. Not so good. But funny and enjoyable.

Posted by J CUTE29 2017-04-29

My brother download this

Posted by dsk devil 2017-04-29

Good game but still improve

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