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Posted by Aditi Roy 2016-08-22

I liked the game initially bt when I unlocked India then the background used for India ,dirty roads, snakes and only bazars everywhere .I think u have misinterpreted India through this.being just a game it should not have portrayed this things about a country. I hope u will fix this soon

GAME DOESN'T LOADPosted by Amy Lomas 2016-08-27

This is mega mega fun, but i closed the app, and an hour later I clicked on it, it said loading, then kicked me out!!!! NOT fair! I was on the last level of the USA and the game wouldn't open. PLEASE do something about this!!!

DEVICE LAGGYPosted by Jowaana Dano 2016-07-11

I love the game, but can you pls fix the laggy thing? So I can Install it again and rate 5. It also says, UNFORTUNATELY STOPPED, and won't logged me in on my fb account. Please fix this immediately

Kicks me off!!!Posted by Tristin Sherwood 2016-07-18

I played this on my dad's phone and it worked perfectly. But, when I tried it on my phone, when I loaded level 1 in the UK it kicks me off the game. Please fix this.

AnnoyingPosted by Klara Fawcett 2016-09-10

You always get caught when running away from Mrs Wicket have to pay to move on to the next level ridiculous waste of time and effort and memory on your device

Error problemPosted by Saiprasad Pednekar 2016-08-22

I loved this game alot but it stopped loading lately ,it just show loading and unfortunately closes... damn irritating pls try to fix whatever the prablem is.

Lagging and Force Closing:Posted by TheUnnamed Google User 2016-07-08

I really liked what little I was able to play without it lagging and force closing for no apparent reason. If this were to be fixed, I would gladly reinstall.

Aahh !!!Posted by Salman Ahsan 2016-07-20

Mr bean is gud but this game is so boring I hate it wastage of time wastage of memory hate itttttttttttttttttttttt I like Mr bean but this game is so boring

Great Game But Crashes AlotPosted by Muhammed Mostafa Seleem 2016-07-26

It's Avery entertaining and nice game but I can't log in Facebook to save progress and crashes and I lost all The progress I did twice

Posted by Pupuu Cantieq 2016-07-12

Game nya seru, cuma tiap restart iklan mulu.. Ga bisa exit, dan klo mau masuk k game nya hrs lewat playstore, klo ngga ga bisa masuk..

Shame!Posted by christopher hughes 2016-07-03

Ruined by its annoyingly persistant ads.No real way to progress otherwise.No easy way to quit program. Will probably uninstall tbh.

Nice butPosted by Ritik Agarwal 2016-07-11

India countries not open. And clear all the mission in the First countries after that India country not open.

Not so goodPosted by C R Hitheswar 2016-08-24

We've pay them to unlock all the levels. Also it's crashing whenever we open it with the WIFi turned on..

Not downloadingPosted by 2016-10-14

It's says troubleshooting problems why is it not working I have disliked it seriously pls do something

Too much obstaclesPosted by Google User 2016-08-06

Too much obstacles and placed even too closed even in beginning rounds. Lack of visibility.

Posted by Kimberly Gallego 2016-08-06

I love the game.. im just playing last night.. and now it always crash :( hope you fix it..

:(Posted by Piyush Kar 2016-07-07

It's ok , it contains nice graphics but being a Indian India is not respected by this game

Posted by Dr. Anita Bhamre 2016-07-07

Good game but promotes racism as indians are shown black and india is shown dirty.

Mr. BeanPosted by Jasmine Sayud 2016-07-05

Fine by me even if I hadn't played it yet. In other's comments it sound good

So far is fun but..Posted by Elva Fidela 2016-07-13

I like it..but sometimes it turns into black screen on my phone

Doesn't let me enterPosted by X.ieva.X Beaver 2016-08-19

I try to load the game but the screen goes black and exits out!

Ads all the way..Posted by Indah Indah 2016-08-28

The game is funny but too many ads. Huffttt...

Posted by ameen alfa 2016-08-14

Itz very wonderful game but jzt a silly one

Fix itPosted by Muhammad Tayyab 2016-07-08

Gets close before the start of first level.

AwesomePosted by Anupma Anupma 2016-08-12

It's really nice game for children's ,

Wanna try itPosted by janejane crizaldo 2016-08-10

Dont know if i will enjoy this game

To many adsPosted by Amra Vladi 2016-09-02

Every time I lose it show an ad

Mr beanPosted by 2016-08-26

Fun borr jfhhbcgjfuchhvjj, G,

makes me nervousPosted by Lll Gk 2016-08-07

the issue is not solved yet

Bakwass apppPosted by Fatima Ayub 2016-07-19

Bakwasiyan marr raha haaaa

Major bug problemPosted by Kathryn Hicks 2016-09-02

Doesn't load properly :-(

Posted by Ch Ramarao 2016-08-31

I think Its a super game

Posted by BRADLEY PICKERING 2016-08-23

It Lag's for me 2 stars.

Posted by Just C 2016-09-07

Its good and very funny

LikePosted by Abhay Tyagi 2016-08-25


Not so goodPosted by debmalya debroy 2016-07-28

Taking so much of space

Posted by Tatiana Siewe 2016-07-13

Perfect for my brother

Posted by Shourya Khichariya 2016-07-09

Usual running game

Kot farePosted by Domeniko Xhepi 2016-08-26

Nk me pëlqen

KavyachethanPosted by Kavyachethan Kavyachethan 2016-08-28


Posted by Ramin M 2016-08-28

A lot of ads

Posted by Bellatrix Nightfury 2016-07-27

Bad controls

Posted by 2016-08-16

Super Bean

GoodPosted by 2016-10-10


TrinaPosted by Bablu Aich 2016-09-04

I love it

Posted by 2016-08-27


Posted by A.Nutan.chaitanya chaitanya 2016-07-17

Not good

Posted by SANGARESWARI R 2016-08-14


Posted by Avinash Bhagat 2016-07-25


Posted by Kenzie Zulhaq Toisuta 2016-07-22


Posted by Meemansak Tech 2016-07-02


Posted by 2016-08-28


DARIAPosted by DARIA MOTA 2016-07-17


Posted by Cris Nobela 2016-08-02


YyPosted by vipin dadhich 2016-08-27


Posted by Prakash Bhatt 2016-08-13


Posted by Joab namai 2017-07-31

The game has nice ideas but its not working well. The controlls aint working and the game loads like forever. Its just good for nothing. It wastes bundles and takes alot of space.

Posted by 2017-07-28

It is easy to play

Posted by Jenyko 4ever 2017-07-22


Posted by raj kr 2017-07-16

You HD Ififin

Posted by H & A Pranker 2017-06-28

hahahaha osm

Posted by SEGA GAMER 1988 2017-06-28

Crashes almost at the end of the game where it says it has stopped. Tried to boot it again, it does the same thing. You must start from the first level again to play again.

It is very nice gamePosted by Ramesh Patel 2017-06-27


Posted by Muhammad Abbas 2017-06-25

Ok for time passing

Posted by 2017-06-23

I disliked this because it kept going back to my normal screen yesterday it didn't DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO ANGRY UGH

Posted by Muskan Kaur 2017-06-21

Tati game

Posted by 2017-06-20

V.V bad game

Posted by 2017-06-20


Posted by Nishka Security & Intelligence Services 2017-06-16

Ha ha ha ha

Posted by Aliza Shah 2017-06-15

It is very very funny and interesting game

Posted by Hanumantha g 2017-06-15

So much of add not interested

Posted by Alexander Netherwood 2017-06-04

It was OK but not that good

Posted by Abhi Lucky 2017-06-02

This game is too dificult i don't like it.

Posted by Hanson Toh 2017-05-28

For my son. Used to work fine and now the app keeps hanging even from the start. Pls fix this, thanks.

Posted by vallivattam narayanan 2017-05-28


Posted by adalarasan s 2017-05-28

Its ok but more ads because of ads i disliked it

Posted by 2017-05-27

This game is very nice but now it has stopped and i want to play it so what should i do!!!!!!!!!

Posted by benny chengalam 2017-05-27

I think that there must be a lot of improvement in the game. Every level feels like somewhat same

Posted by Yash shahfjjc Shahps5 2017-05-23

Bad game

Posted by final mash up Jalendar 2017-05-22

This is a good game but it is taking a lot of time to download that is 2 hrs or 1hr and the pictures that are shown before downloading are very good and amazing

Posted by Krishnam Naidu Bagadi 2017-05-20

Tooooo many ads

Posted by pauline ganesh 2017-05-19

Mr. Bean allways gets stuck

Posted by LAXMI PRASANNA 2017-05-17

Mr baenPosted by Nicole Joy Castillo 2017-05-14

Put j

Posted by 2017-05-08

it is very boring i didnt like it at all

Posted by 2017-05-06

A very worst game

Posted by Khawar Abbas 2017-05-04


Posted by sameeksha Arora 2017-04-28

18 ads in 10 minutes

Posted by Abdul Rehman 2017-04-25

This is full stupid game when I play game its back to my home screen pls not downloaded its waste time

Posted by Aimee Choi 2017-04-21

Its so weird

Posted by Bilal Shakoor 2017-04-19

Irritating not touched accurately Aahhhhh

Posted by 2017-04-16

Bad experience The app has a lot of problems

Posted by Manohar Lal 2017-04-15

Reinstalling take money

Posted by 2017-04-14

I think this super game

Posted by Bhavika Mandhani 2017-04-11

I hate this app

Posted by RUCHI RAI 2017-04-09

Worst game ever

Posted by shreshth chandra 2017-04-08

It contains so many ads

Not so.goodPosted by Reshma Banu 2017-04-05

As.soon starts.again it closes

Posted by Annie Gajja 2017-04-03

Very hard

Posted by Shaikh Aman 2017-03-31

Nice game and full of fun

Posted by Naresh Rashmi 2017-03-28

My daughter is a big mr bean fan and so was very excited abt this game... its not for small kids as its a little difficult for them. She makes me play it. I just cleared UK level and entered India. I was shocked how India is represented with shabby roads and leaking drains. Sight of burning coal and hissing snakes irritated me the most. I dont know whats ahead and how other countries r presented but i lost interest in this game. I request the makers of this game to look into the real facts and correct the representation. Will appreciate it.

Posted by 2017-03-23

When I downloaded it, It was OK and was enjoying it but why do I have to pay so much beans to unlock each level??? I am very disappointed with it... Moreover, the map of India is wrong anyways, you should have corrected it and why burning coals and leaky drains shown in India. You should've think atleast twice that how will the people of India think about it...It hurted me a lot... Please improve it...

Posted by rupendra nath20 srivastvako 2017-03-20

It's ok

Posted by lydia Thomas 2017-03-15

my daughter loves Mr Bean so she was delighted when she saw the game and now I am roped into playing it with her but I just noticed one of the games advertised I'd called Sniper and about shooting people in the head....seriously it's a kids game!!!! do they just let anyone advertise regardless? I would of given it a higher rating until I saw that - very disappointed!!

Posted by jyothsna ramachandran 2017-03-14

In the world map while choosing the country u have shown the flag as well as the border of INDIA wrong. Correct air as soon as possible. Because of this I am uninstalling this game

Posted by 2017-03-10

Phudu Topi game

Posted by J6 2017-02-15

Froze up too much.

Posted by tabbycat longlegs 2017-02-11

Was doing so well but now when I open the app and press continue (when it asks you if you want to log in to Facebook- I just press continue coz I don't have Facebook) it just says loading with two cogs for ages and then returns my phone to the home screen. Very unhappy!

Posted by Annapurna Prakash 2017-02-10

Lot of ads and aunt will come . Very boring games

Posted by Princess Love 2017-02-10

I so wished to play this game

Posted by Karina Ivanova 2017-02-09

Не е от най-интересните

Posted by Tishan Ghosh 2017-02-04

Not very good but ok

Posted by HitmanHank H 2017-02-04

1 min of gameplay to 5 min adverts..if i wanted to watch adverts all day ill watch chanel 4

Posted by 2017-02-03

It is so slow to danload

Posted by zarah rahman 2017-01-30

This game is so stupid . The neighbour catches u all the time while your just jumping around collecting peanuts

Posted by Mabel Chan 2017-01-27

The game was not very fun to play.

Posted by Majid Iqbal 2017-01-25

It's not working specially when u sign in

Posted by GAINFUl V LOGGER 2017-01-19


Posted by 2017-01-19

It's boring! Only tap. That's a f***ing stupid game, so don't download it!

game crashedPosted by Thrishana Pothupitiya 2017-01-15

It worked well and after a week it crashed

Posted by Arun singh thakur 2017-01-14

i like it

Funny gamePosted by shaikh sami 2017-01-01

"I love it, it is very addictive game and it is funny game

Posted by Taaric Haig 2016-12-31

When the game shut down I get mad

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