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Mr. Bean?Posted by Scott Hnatowicz-Warner 2016-07-16

Who the hell is Ms. Wickle? I thought I'd seen every episode of Mr. Bean (at least, that's what the DVD collector's box tells me) and I don't recall ever seeing or hearing about this woman. Was she a character from your first game? I don't care to find out. This app is horrible. I downloaded it because I'm a Rowan Atkinson fan. I uninstalled it, because I'm a Rowan Atkinson fan.

App won't open anymore.Posted by aya joudi 2016-09-09

After the new update, the game keeps Logging out Itself back to my homescreen , Even tho its a fun Game But you must to do something about it for the sake of the game cz Personally I'm going to delete it until this problem is solved and the game goes back To normal ,thank you.

screwedPosted by dhruv nagori 2016-07-15

don't you know India's flag in unlock mode you put India's flag totally wrong And don't you know the map of india it's much larger than you have showed where arunachal pardesh exist in your map it is very irritating and rude please fix it

F****** suckPosted by Sudha Chatterjee 2016-08-14

I lose everytime , and there is a lot of adds , pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls don't download it , pls

Hated it! so fazooooool game in the whole world so bad baàaaaaaaaaaaaaad! What is the hell going on Posted by Moona Zaheer 2016-09-01

Bad sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much more more more more bàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

Too many adsPosted by Ralph V 2016-10-08

Uninstalled after 1 minute. The game didn't even start its intro and I got full screen ad. Also played one run and everything you do required beans. Nice concept, ruined by greedy developer.

BoringPosted by pam how do I get it govender 2016-10-08

Every time u play a video comes out of nowhere one time i allmost finished a level then a video came and i lost u should try this other game called subway surfers or dream leage soccer

Worst appPosted by deepak jain 2016-07-22

Fb login's annoying...developer if you don't know to develop app then don't do.... dont fool people to download...remove it from playstore.....-100 stars should be rated

Plz correct the india's mapPosted by Brijendra Kanojiya 2016-07-14

I give this game one star this is very entertaining game but in this app india's north-east side is not mention so plz correct the map this is tottaly wrong...very ridicules...

India is shown a messPosted by priyanshi namdev All in one arts 2016-10-15

India is not at all that dirty as shown here... but some villages areas im sure u people might be having some slum areas in uk also flag is also not right..I'm uninstalling it

Massive privacy invasionPosted by David Lindner 2016-07-27

Massive privacy invasion why does the app need access to calendar, location, microphone, Contacts and allows itself to auto launch in the background after phone is rebooted?

ShamePosted by Niel Neophytou 2016-07-03

Controls were unresponsive. Shame because i could have enjoyed it. Also i make a habbit of imideatly uninstalling any app rhat bosnt let me exit with the back button.

Login IssuesPosted by Prajwal y r 2016-07-28

Crashes each time I try to login via Facebook. I get a message saying Mr.Bean has unfortunately stopped. It is very annoying. Please look into that matter.

Posted by General channel 2016-08-17

The game is really very good but it gets off frequently and my game ... !! Again shd start from beginning , plss make sure none faces this problem again!

Posted by Hye Bin Song 2016-10-15

Horrible game..... it keeps crashing AND always KICKING me OUT! Such a time waster..... sorry to whoever made this game but I'm uninstalling it......

Doesn't work after new upgrade!Posted by Hoosain Moosa 2016-08-16

I installed a new upgrade. I then finished Mexico. The next level (USA) didn't work. Now I can't get back in!! Just says "Loading". Then kicks me out!

NopePosted by Jim Jethro Parker 2016-07-02

Too many ads interrupting the game. It's mediocre as it is and the ads are just aggravating. Can't even enjoy two good minutes without interruption.

apps can't runPosted by TS Low 2016-07-10

i m using redmi note 3 but cant even run the game. after all the ads or support logo come out, it automaticlly return to my home screen

Posted by Nilesh Aggarwal 2016-07-04

I saw it was downloaded 88 percent and when I opened it in play store is was only 16 percent I would give it 5 stars if you fix it now

The one thing I want you are a bit. ItPosted by wakreem salarroo 2016-08-27

The one thing I want you are a bit. It has an amazing day and the Three main thing I want you are a bit. It has an amazing day

Omg Posted by Aina Talpur 2016-07-21

Plz plz my game is not working fix it it is not starting why when I just downloaded it ,it was not working plz fix it

Will not loadPosted by Melissa Lockett 2016-09-06

After logging in with facebook the game will not load!! Would have given a 5* because i enjoyed playing why i could

Posted by s nandini s nandini 2016-09-06

Game crashes everytime when I going to the game. Where adds comes up regularly without game been play or streamed

What the heckPosted by 2016-09-04

Hey don't download this its fake when you play and use it another time it just load and it kicks me out not fair

New user Posted by Schx Fieykx 2016-08-17

I am very love mr bean but this game have make me disappointed . When I want open … its always kicked me out

Annoying ads.Posted by Angie Tan 2016-07-17

Too much of ads that is unable to skip it and force human ro watch it. Doh!! Can't even enjoy the game at all.

Pls fixPosted by Genevieve Perfecto 2016-07-20

Tried to play it but, shuts down everytime. Would have been a great game. Hope you will fix it soon. Thanks.

Don't waste your internetPosted by Kristina Tan 2016-07-22

Every round you play they will force to watch their ad. Even if you do not want to use their free round.

Posted by Mariam Al Banna 2016-08-19

لان هي لا تفتح عندي في الوقت الحلي اليوم وكل يوم ١٩/٨/٢٠١٦

Posted by Keshore Sharma 2016-10-14

Too many ads I would give even 0stars when I install I want inside it started with a screen full ad

Posted by Sussanna helena Van Der Merwe 2016-07-12

Hi do not installe this game because you must sign in at face book this is not a good game

Doesn't work Posted by divya kalaiarasan 2016-07-17

Whenever I open it shows up a pop up message that it has stopped working... It's sucking

NehaPosted by 2016-08-25

Worst game . What is the meaning of this game if it cant be played..make it a bit easy

CrapPosted by 2016-08-28

The game never even loaded but ads were forced on me. Dont bother with crap like this

Hate itPosted by DARREN dorado 2016-07-18

Its so very slow to download i know the problem is within my internet fix it whahahha

Re: cant startPosted by MingWei Soo 2016-07-09

The moment I install and run it, an error message comes up and says it has stopped

Dont download too many adsPosted by Rabindra Debbarma 2016-10-11

I downloaded this App than I open it I cannot play only becoz soooo soooo many ads

It's not workingPosted by Khatija begum. Mohammed. 2016-08-21

I even not played a single level it's continuously shutting game disgusting..

Dosent workPosted by Kartar Lal 2016-08-25

When its load its stop and go back to menu and my iphone6 sowtware is dead

Crashes in my devicePosted by Snehasish Saha 2016-07-10

Whenever i play the game, just after the sponsors screen, the game crashes

Game is good... ButPosted by vishal raj 2016-08-29

You must have to correct the have shown wrong map of countries

Doesn't open the game!Posted by Sharene Catayna 2016-10-18

I tried 3 times to open the game but it won't open the game ! PLS. HELP!

I cant play itPosted by Gabrielle AUGUSTINE Xie 2016-07-09

Once i pressed it says unfortunely mr bean around the world has stoped

Really fun game that takes 8% battery lifePosted by Matthew Butterworth 2016-08-27

Without loading the app, it consumes 8% battery life. Disgraceful app

ErrorPosted by Ravi Bansal 2016-07-10

I dont believe that this game behaves like that. Really a boring game

Posted by عمر دنيا 2016-07-10

مش عايزة تشتغل عندي وكل ما افتحها تقفل

TorturePosted by madhu mithaa 2016-07-09

I downloaded it but it is showing installing for a very long time:'(

Such a terriblePosted by 2016-08-24

I do not like you waisting your time on plaiying this game trust me

Hate itPosted by 2016-10-07

Doesn't work after 2 level do improve it worst game in the world

Very bad i hate itPosted by 2016-10-11

Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad never install

WON'T OPENPosted by 2016-09-05

Won't let me play the game. I open it , then it goes off of it

DisappointingPosted by Uzma Sohail 2016-09-11

Loved the idea but hangs alot keys dont work and image stops

Posted by supriyo sen 2016-09-07

Close after 5-6 min play every time, also not a great game

Oh crapPosted by Ram Shreyes 2016-08-07

This one is not even working in ma samsung galaxy GT-S5301

Posted by Clarisse Teo 2016-07-10

Keep saying Mr bean has stop did not even started playing

Won't downloadPosted by greg hutton 2016-08-29

It wont download it says 3 secs left it been 3 secs!!!!

Can't openPosted by AnakinXtreme Go! 2016-07-15

When I start to play,It stopped suddenly.Please fix it.

mr beanPosted by cheyrl kennedy 2016-08-21

too slow to load and lags not playable now uninstalled

Good game but won't loadPosted by azrin alimahomed 2016-08-28

Love this game but now I can't load the game at all!

LOADING PROBLEMPosted by Laiba Shah 2016-08-10

Its not even downloading in my tab HATE IT ....!!!!

No good gamePosted by Mehwishadnan 42 42 2016-07-18

Also so manyyyy ads please do not download this game

Posted by Ragad atarii 2016-07-15

it keep saying has stoped! fix it I will rate 5 star

CrashPosted by osama kakakhel 2016-07-09

When I run the game it gets crashed.. Please fix it

Too many adsPosted by M Mathews 2016-10-11

Why waste time watching ads? Uninstalling the game.

Stops while loadingPosted by Gaurank Karaliya 2016-07-17

When loading a country is stops and exits the game

Do not install thisPosted by Akshat Pai 2016-07-10

The game stops working each time I try to start it

Not funPosted by Len Buan 2016-08-12

I not win in second round suck its no brain in me

DisgustingPosted by Stephen Gallagher 2016-08-11

In game ads for online casino gambling. Shocking!

Posted by Shavez Khan 2016-10-18

This game does not open . I uninstall this game .

Just bad very very badPosted by lakshit mittal 2016-08-13

Every time when I try to jump 2 times it crashes

Posted by Omar Ahmed 2016-07-25

اوحش لعبة علي مستوي العالم

Too much adsPosted by ravneet kaur 2016-07-19

There are lot of ads coming in between the game.

sucksPosted by timothy darren 2016-07-12

bad game, not good. Don't waste your time people

OH MANPosted by me ne 2015-12-13

Wasted $4.95 to install and now it is FREE??????

Posted by Krasimir Georgiev Georgiev Krasimirov 2016-08-22

Es el peor videojueguego que e bisto en mi bida

Idiotic.Posted by SAKIB 2016-07-06

It's a running game with Mr Bean, nothing else.

Posted by Puja Gosain 2016-08-26


I doesn't even openPosted by Chanelle Van Wyk 2016-08-19

It only loads. It does not open. Terrible game

Not workingPosted by Vigour Iskandar 2016-10-07

It's not working on my phone. Xiaomi Note1 LTE

Posted by Shubham Suhas Joshi Joshi 2016-08-21

Good game but l can not open this game again.

Not workingPosted by 2016-09-06

It was not working automatically getting off

It not a game its add gamePosted by fariha islam riha 2016-09-04

I play become I lose I puss Restart add come

I hate this gamePosted by Shaheen Tahira 2016-10-16

I hate this game because it has to many adds

MR BEANPosted by Oinam Martin 2016-08-16

So nice this game was......I love this game

Really..Posted by Alex van der Merwe 2016-08-01

A 30 second ad EVERYTIME you get cought!!!?

STUPIDPosted by Altaf Ahmad 2016-08-21

Such a boring and a time wasting game ..

Too many adsPosted by Rahul Sharma 2016-07-17

Too many ads and you cant even skip them

Hate itPosted by ranjit singh 2016-08-26

It doesn't work please don't install it

Game is good butPosted by Alijan420 Alijan420 2016-07-21

Where is pakistan's flag add it quickly

ShittyPosted by Dristi Inderparsad 2016-09-11

I is the ugliest game I've ever played

I want Mr Bean back!Posted by Dana Cristea 2016-08-26

It doesn't work anymore! Do something!

Loads slowlyPosted by Kimm Chipa 2016-08-22

Before downloading it. It loads slowly

Not worth itPosted by Danielle Van Gent 2016-07-25

Doesn't even let you log into Facebook

MadarchodPosted by Ravi Jha 2016-08-24

Its a flop game..never download this.

Posted by Mustafa Memon 2016-08-16

My little sister just hate this game

Im angryPosted by IHateMyLife GT 2016-07-26

Its not working on me it always stop

Posted by Achmad Fahmi Mubaroq 2016-07-23

Very hard game not recomended for me

Its a very amazing game.Posted by Paltu Mallik 2016-07-07

I love this game!please download it.

It's okPosted by Adeline Jean 2016-10-17

Have to pay for the next world level

I hate.Posted by Wildri Du Toit 2016-10-10

I hate the game and it's really hard

What is this game aboutPosted by Vasile Bucsuta 2016-08-17

I hate this game cause it is boring

Posted by Natalia Sztuczka 2016-09-03

Doesn't work after Facebook login.

Posted by Bhanu Ananth 2016-08-24

I quad bikes . bgtfbyfbig g7v ihb

StupidPosted by Dr Cat 2016-07-27

Nothing..coz this guy are so weird

Worst gamePosted by Rumeez Raja 2016-07-12

When ever I do it it does not work

To badPosted by Rupali Mittal 2016-08-18

After opening it do not work only

Posted by sekh tomal 2016-07-20

This app is bailess nd bogus.....

Cant exitPosted by Dylen Kahfii 2016-07-07

When i'm in the game i can't exit

Very bad bad bad bad bad bad gamePosted by Gaurav Mahindra 2016-08-24

It's not even getting installed.

Good but...Posted by Abdelnasser Salih 2016-07-19

U should pay for other countries

Can't playPosted by sruthi chellappan 2016-09-08

The game is crashing constantly

WorstPosted by 2016-08-28


Force stopPosted by Hisyam Shafi 2016-07-09

Lol cant play always force stop

BadPosted by Kirsten de Kock 2016-07-07

It's will keep in looking u out

Cannot playPosted by syaherah syamsudin 2016-09-02

It's always suck and stuck!!!!

It is a very bad game never install itPosted by Umar Farooqui 2016-08-20

We can not pass level 2 of UK

Mr BeanPosted by Julia Nutten 2016-07-12

Won't even open waste of time

What a worst game it isPosted by V RAMYA 2016-10-11

So many bug fixes. I Hated It

The RN hensPosted by Ashfaq azam 2016-08-10

Hush judgment negs Kshatriya

IdiotPosted by banti kumar 2016-10-13

Very rot game hope you enjoy

Posted by Jigna Dave 2016-09-07

Cat download it!!!!!!l!llll

Posted by Stefan Sovu 2016-07-12

Does not start on Oneplus 3

Worst game I ever have playsPosted by Muhammad Mustafa Khan 2016-07-23

Ndver download this game

Posted by prakash dulange 2016-09-04

Boòoooooooooooring game

Hated itPosted by Ayaan Japanwalla 2016-08-25

Bad game it doesn't open

Posted by Syed 1965 2016-08-13

The game is soo oooo bat

Posted by Pankaj Gupta 2016-09-04

I hate because it stuck

Posted by Tse Tsz Ying 2016-08-19

Too many advertisements

Posted by Radha Raju 2016-08-13

India half map why ???

Useless gamePosted by suni ravi 2016-08-31

The game does not open

BOOPosted by Michael01 Bueno 2016-07-01

Virus detected pls fix

NaffPosted by tracey patten 2016-08-20

Not a fun game at all

very。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。Posted by aruna amar 2016-07-30

very slow...........

Posted by bablu Happy hai 2016-07-21

F****** game Mr Bean

So boringPosted by sharad yadav 2016-07-16

Goin OK ok I'm Ionia

Posted by Dana Cristea 2016-10-08

I want Mr Bean back!

Posted by дана борисова 2016-09-10

Тупая игра

nicePosted by Amir Haider 2016-09-08

I like it this game

So good gamePosted by sanket panwar 2016-09-06

Sabse bekar game he

Posted by Michaela Balagapo 2016-07-07

Crashes immediately

crashPosted by 1000 subscribers challenge 2016-07-06

crash on good phone

Posted by #2005 purplecheetah49 2016-09-01

Waste of your time

Posted by lakshmi prabha 2016-09-01

Doesn't work prply

Posted by topaz linnet 2016-08-15

I hate this gameee

Posted by super sword 2016-07-20

It's shuting down

Posted by Vinod Adwani 2016-07-13

Vety poor graphics

Never download itPosted by Adnan Ahmad 2016-10-11

Very bad game ever

Posted by Aya Angeles 2016-08-10

Best Mr bean game

Posted by global construction 2016-07-06

Faltu Faltu Faltu

NoPosted by 2016-10-13

It's funny games

WastePosted by Venkat m.k 2016-07-25

Just a dumb app!

Horrible gamePosted by Mini Modi 2016-07-19

Just hate it yr

LikePosted by Syed Mubeen 2016-07-17

I like this game

I hate itPosted by DoItYourself ROMANIA 2016-07-12

It doesn't works

Posted by Karina Hicks 2016-07-11

Didn't ever work

Posted by Sueeing Molina 2016-07-09

Not functioning.

goodPosted by Usama Sheikh 2016-10-08

achi bht hy game

NicePosted by Maari Arun 2016-10-07

Better than next

FckPosted by Ghelo Villamil 2016-08-10

It wont install

Posted by Redd Bonds 2016-07-14

It too many ads

Posted by Mizgan Shujah 2016-07-10

Always crashes.

Posted by 2016-10-15

So many viruses

Posted by ruchi korde 2016-07-19

Bloody racists

Posted by Anette P 2016-09-07

Too many adds

Hated itPosted by 2016-08-31

Hated it game

Zzzz!Posted by Suzanne Thurston 2016-08-28


Help pleasePosted by Fatima Jabeen 2016-08-24

Closes itself

Posted by Jessica Warnick 2016-08-20

Keeps exiting

Mr.beanPosted by Keke Lopez 2016-08-17

can't open up

Posted by Muhammad Muzzammil 2016-07-22

Boring boring

Posted by Abhay Vaichalkar 2016-10-12

It's very bad

Posted by natalia Bezer 2016-08-20

Hard to play

Posted by Monirul Islam 2016-08-11

So good game

PPosted by Umapathy Udayan 2016-07-23

P mari iruku

Gak bisa masukPosted by naifazatha nabiha 2016-09-05

Gimana sih?

HwlloPosted by 2016-08-20

Dis game is

SaadPosted by nvd akhtar 2016-08-16

Very boring

05330477 28Posted by HaiSADEG 0533825697 2016-08-12

05330477 28

Fake beanPosted by dipen shrestha 2016-07-21

I dont like

Posted by Abbaa Mithaiwala 2016-07-16

Not so good

Posted by Alex Suess 2016-07-10

Force quits

PooPosted by 2016-09-05

I hate it

Posted by 2016-08-29

Saala kuta

Posted by Umar Abid 2016-08-23

Ahead Abid

Posted by Humera Parveen 2016-07-13

Sotp power

Posted by Pawan Chatterjee 2016-07-03

Worst ever

Posted by 2016-08-29

Very badd

Best game everPosted by M.Talha Nasim 2016-08-27

I like it

Posted by hichigo bleach 2016-08-26

I love it

Posted by Adiba Amjad 2016-08-13

Very good

Posted by jana elsesy 2016-07-30

I hate it

Siti AmiraPosted by Siti Amira 2016-07-21


Posted by sultan ahmed 2016-07-08


Posted by Divakaran M.K. 2016-10-09

Its super

A good gamePosted by MD:SAYFUL ISLAM KHAN 2016-09-11

Plz play

LamePosted by Hruaiteii Ralte 2016-07-20


YesPosted by TheChosenOne 559 2016-07-12

It is bs

Posted by Mosabbir Sinded 2016-07-05


Mr bean Around the worldPosted by jonathan topliss 2016-06-23


The officialPosted by 2016-09-01

Mr bean

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