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Too many adsPosted by Ralph V 2016-10-08

Uninstalled after 1 minute. The game didn't even start its intro and I got full screen ad. Also played one run and everything you do required beans. Nice concept, ruined by greedy developer.

BoringPosted by pam how do I get it govender 2016-10-08

Every time u play a video comes out of nowhere one time i allmost finished a level then a video came and i lost u should try this other game called subway surfers or dream leage soccer

India is shown a messPosted by priyanshi namdev All in one arts 2016-10-15

India is not at all that dirty as shown here... but some villages areas im sure u people might be having some slum areas in uk also flag is also not right..I'm uninstalling it

Agnibha MajumderPosted by Agnibha Majumder 2016-10-12

I mean I am downloading for mah little brother and not for me becoz he is a child and loves Mr Bean but Where in this World this type of game is been made .xd lol

Posted by Hye Bin Song 2016-10-15

Horrible game..... it keeps crashing AND always KICKING me OUT! Such a time waster..... sorry to whoever made this game but I'm uninstalling it......

AwesomePosted by 2016-10-08

Greatest Mr. Bean game I have ever played before. Good graphics and very addictive. Awesome excellent. Idea of different countries are really fantastic.

Mr. Bean is hilarious and I love his moviesPosted by Kelsey Rawlins 2016-10-07

I liked the game and y'all have crappy phones cuz it works great on mine but it was a lil boring so I'm uninstalling it

Good gamePosted by 2016-10-18

Nice game, but won't advertisements be a waste of time? Plz remove ads or make 15 second ads. Thank you.

Not downloadingPosted by 2016-10-14

It's says troubleshooting problems why is it not working I have disliked it seriously pls do something

Posted by Keshore Sharma 2016-10-14

Too many ads I would give even 0stars when I install I want inside it started with a screen full ad

JABRA FAN!!!Posted by ARPITA BANERJEE 2016-10-18

I tell this thing in one word:love it . People who are saying this game is bad they are bladder

No exit option????Posted by 2016-10-10

There is no exit option...i alwys press the middle button of my samsung phone...plz help.. :(

GoodPosted by Shahin Hossain 2016-10-11

Awesome game...I play it may nice...control was slow...try it solve the problem issue

Dont download too many adsPosted by Rabindra Debbarma 2016-10-11

I downloaded this App than I open it I cannot play only becoz soooo soooo many ads

CoolPosted by Ulysses Chavez 2016-10-07

It is so cool and quite awesome and so addicted it prevent my gadget from sleeping

Like itPosted by Harold Phoghe Peratah 2016-10-08

It is very addictive i cant sleep without playing it if i dont play i wont be sad

AWSOMEPosted by Raj Sharma 2016-10-09

love Just Come Back to Mr. Bean one of the best animated series to watch through

Moto G4 plusPosted by Ryan Parikh 2016-10-13

It's crashing.. it's not connecting with Facebook, fix it.., on my Moto g4 plus

Good butPosted by Keolin Pillay 2016-10-11

To many things at the same time......also a lot of time before you get the car

Mr beanPosted by 2016-10-11

I loved it a lot.nice.epic.adventure.chilgame.more over an adult game also

Posted by Sayyam Jain 2016-10-11

Good game for time pass but in 10 mins of playing there are 5 mins of ads

Doesn't open the game!Posted by Sharene Catayna 2016-10-18

I tried 3 times to open the game but it won't open the game ! PLS. HELP!

I love Mr.BeanPosted by 2016-10-16

I love him because he is very comedian person and I love his game

Loved itPosted by Daksh Singh 2016-10-10

OMG Mr.bean around the world play this game because is wonderful

Hate itPosted by 2016-10-07

Doesn't work after 2 level do improve it worst game in the world

Very bad i hate itPosted by 2016-10-11

Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bad never install

Fantastic gamePosted by harish kant 2016-10-11

This game is very Fantastic game I want to play again and again

Like Posted by 2016-10-08

I like it. But the fact that Mrs. Wicket is here creeps me out.

Awesome and addictivePosted by 2016-10-08

Many people told me that the game was stupid but it is awesome

The bestPosted by e anbarasu 2016-10-15

No matter how is the game .i love mr.bean. not played yet.

NicePosted by alaggend anna 2016-10-11

It was quite nice seeing a live character in a Disney game

Love itPosted by 2016-10-14

Good graphics lovely game nice to play........ Mr. Bean

No no no..Posted by 2016-10-18

I love this app and i can do a sick impression of him

Too many adsPosted by M Mathews 2016-10-11

Why waste time watching ads? Uninstalling the game.

DjfhfjvxnvPosted by Amardeep Sharma 2016-10-11

Fighting for the rights of the child. Hello how are

Really loving gamePosted by Ashish Garg 2016-10-10

Its excellent but its always shows many ad so much

Posted by Shavez Khan 2016-10-18

This game does not open . I uninstall this game .

Mr beanPosted by 2016-10-09

I like it because you get to go around the world

Posted by Rizwan Khan 2016-10-16

i like this game but to many ads its ok ti play

Posted by Charbel Andraos 2016-10-15

it's funny to play this game ♡♡♡☆☆☆

Posted by 2016-10-09

That's really good I like Mr bean so ilke this

HATE IT ... !!!! xD...just kiddingPosted by francis Chua 2016-10-17

funny and addictive game app... !!!!!☺☺☺

Not workingPosted by Vigour Iskandar 2016-10-07

It's not working on my phone. Xiaomi Note1 LTE

GoodPosted by 2016-10-07

It is great but need more challenging actions.

Posted by Abhishek Raut 2016-10-10

******i am biggest fan of rowan ,Mr Bean.....

I hate this gamePosted by Shaheen Tahira 2016-10-16

I hate this game because it has to many adds

Posted by vedant Garud 2016-10-08

I will be in the school I play in the school

Love itPosted by Jaydon Freyer 2016-10-07

It's n good game having toe travel the world

Love itPosted by Dineo Myeko 2016-10-10

It is hilarious it needs action and ideas

GoodPosted by 2016-10-07

Nice and confusing.... game i likked it..

Posted by Shariear Shahitto 2016-10-08

Awsome .never played anything like this

WoooopiiPosted by Raj Chakravarty 2016-10-18

Love this game its my fav# game of all

Posted by Jinal Mehta 2016-10-13

Good but i like it most in my all game

Good graphicsPosted by 2016-10-07

I really play this game very joyingly

It's okPosted by Adeline Jean 2016-10-17

Have to pay for the next world level

I hate.Posted by Wildri Du Toit 2016-10-10

I hate the game and it's really hard

Mr .bean is very funnyPosted by Sheraz Hassan 2016-10-18

Because he was mad and too many ads

Very interestingPosted by 2016-10-15

Very interesting game by good catch

funPosted by Khanh Nguyễn 2016-10-11

really fun game and funny animation

Good graphicsPosted by 2017-01-11

Funny game and adjective game nice

Posted by Lahori Boy 2016-10-17

Diztfrudff gift cf ft years the he

GoodPosted by samir master 2016-10-12

Very very very very very good

Posted by Muhammad Abdul Basit 2016-10-08

Best Mr bean game and running game

Posted by 2016-10-13

This is my favourite channel also

WowPosted by karuna sawant 2016-10-12

Very nice game. Cant stop playing

NinaPosted by 2016-10-07

Perfect...i love game

Love for beanPosted by 2017-01-10

This game is best I love mr bean

Its goodPosted by AYUSHI debnath 2016-10-18

India isnt so messy afterall ...

Nice gamePosted by Mila0 Kaushik 2016-10-08

M.r.bean is a florious character

GudPosted by chinmay venugopal 2016-10-11

Very gud game and nice grapics

It's a good game but I hate having to unlock levels and when your at the airport! You don't have enoPosted by ebisso ebisso 2016-10-10

That's why I "liked" this game

Posted by darshini darshini 2016-10-08

Nice game but little difficult

Very very very nicePosted by Debasish Roy 2016-10-14

So much adventure in the gsme

What a worst game it isPosted by V RAMYA 2016-10-11

So many bug fixes. I Hated It

TPosted by bjgaming job Studiobjj 2016-10-16

I am downloading for Mr bean

IdiotPosted by banti kumar 2016-10-13

Very rot game hope you enjoy

F U N N YPosted by Hitanshu Samantaray 2016-10-12

I liked the funny movement's

IKPosted by 2016-10-07


Posted by Rajesh Kumar Sharma 2016-10-09

Soooooooooooooo interesting

mr.beanPosted by Ashs Singh 2016-10-08

it is cool but not too much

Posted by Anita Singh 2016-10-10

Full entertainment package

Posted by Elimam Omar 2016-10-07

It's beautiful. I love it

Posted by 2016-10-18

Mr.bean-around the world

Posted by Sanjna Ahuja 2016-10-07

The control are not good

SuperPosted by ganesh dasmenon 2016-10-07

Super mind blowing game

Posted by rockingstar vasanth 2016-10-17

Best game in play store

FunnyPosted by waleed_ wahid1 2016-10-15

It is a very funny game

Stupid gamePosted by aruna chinnari 2017-01-11

How dirty is this game

Amazing gamePosted by Ayubi Baloch 2016-10-10

I move towards America

Posted by gautam mishra 2016-10-09

It very nice I like it

Posted by rafi daffala 2016-10-14

Im realy love mr bean

Very funnyPosted by 2016-10-08

Good games.l loved it

Posted by 2017-01-11

My favourite cartoon

Mr bean is awersomePosted by Suroj Sk 2016-10-18

It is very addictive

The best game everPosted by Stanley Paul 2016-10-16

This game is awesome

Posted by Dana Cristea 2016-10-08

I want Mr Bean back!

Posted by Chandrakala K 2016-10-16

Disne chandrakalabp

Mr beanPosted by 2016-10-08

OK enjoyed the game

Posted by 2016-10-13

World arround game

Never download itPosted by Adnan Ahmad 2016-10-11

Very bad game ever

NoPosted by 2016-10-13

It's funny games

I love this game but a little borimg type but coolPosted by Sharvani Singbal 2016-10-10

Keep it up guys

It is very funy and good gamePosted by Touhid Raihan 2016-10-09

I love this game

Posted by hitesh kumar 2016-10-14

Interesting game

Posted by Umesh PrintEx 2016-10-08

Superb game ever

goodPosted by Usama Sheikh 2016-10-08

achi bht hy game

NicePosted by Maari Arun 2016-10-07

Better than next

I loved itPosted by Priyanka Kumari 2016-10-07

It's a best game

Posted by 2016-10-15

So many viruses

Posted by Yash Shankar Tiwary 2016-10-07

Very funny game

Devpal PariharPosted by DEVPAL PARIHAR 2016-10-07

Superb Been....

Posted by Sahil Ramnani 2016-10-09

Very nice game

Mr beanPosted by Holly Birkbeck 2016-10-15

Yah great fun

Mr. HsjxhlzPosted by Kumar Ravish 2016-10-14

Mr. Shjsvsjld

Posted by Michael Segundo 2016-10-12

This is Great

Posted by Abhay Vaichalkar 2016-10-12

It's very bad

It's awsomePosted by Naveenjangi Jangrl 2016-10-16

I loved that

Posted by 2016-10-15

Wow..not bad

GoodPosted by Buiangha Fomunung 2016-10-15

Its the best

About gamePosted by Apoorv Tyagi 2016-10-07

Sound's good

Posted by BT ONE's Game channal 2016-10-18

Great game

Posted by Rowell Dela Cruz 2016-10-15

Mr. Bean

NebunilorPosted by 2016-10-15


Posted by Akshay Km 2016-10-15

I love bean

Posted by PROMOD RANJAN 2016-10-15

Superb game

SweetyPosted by R.Joselin Raj R.joselin Raj 2016-10-13

Good night

Posted by Meet Ambulkar 2016-10-11

It so funny

Nice gamePosted by Manish Nagwani 2016-10-09

Joyful game

Posted by 2016-10-15


Posted by Choya Rudro 2016-10-15


Posted by shanmukha chari.k 2016-10-15

Super game

GoodPosted by 2016-10-10


Posted by Gautam agarwal 2016-10-08

Great Game

Posted by Glen mhlongo 2016-10-07

The besgam

Posted by anand mathew varghese 2016-10-16

I love it

Posted by nifty dr 2016-10-16

Good game

Mr Bean around the worldPosted by clarita corpuz 2016-10-14

I like it

AmazPosted by nasir jamal 2016-10-13

Bean bean

AwesomePosted by Omkar Badekar 2016-10-13

I like it

OKPosted by vijay surajinfotech 2016-10-12


Posted by Divakaran M.K. 2016-10-09

Its super

DeepPosted by 2016-10-08

Valo valo

HooPosted by Julie Joseph 2016-10-08

Good game

InterestingPosted by Surinder Singh 2016-10-07


De JPosted by Santhosh Kohli 2016-10-17


Posted by Ebbad Saad 2016-10-15

Its good

AwesomePosted by Aryana Koarlall 2016-10-14

So great

JayasreePosted by Jayasreeb Baiju 2016-10-12


GoodPosted by Misbah Uddin 2016-10-11

Loved it

sawadi aPosted by Farakh Mehmood 2016-10-11

sawadi a

Love youPosted by Thanderm Sioson 2016-10-09

Mr. Bean

FndapspwPosted by nessan ray tuble 2016-10-08

Spam SSL

MastPosted by Tejaswi Raj 2016-10-18


Very very likePosted by Narender Singh Tanwar 2016-10-17


Posted by Madiha Hussnain 2016-10-15


Posted by Crisandra De Guzman 2016-10-15

love it

Posted by selamat belma 2016-10-13


Posted by Shyamraj ekkal 2016-10-13

Jest ok

Posted by Orrin Reece Manikum 2016-10-12


Posted by 2016-10-11


Posted by Diane Romero 2016-10-11

Love it

Posted by 2016-10-11

Mr been

Posted by Nishant Rajput 2016-10-09

So good

Chirag WadhwaPosted by Chiragwadhwa WADHWA 2016-10-07


MokkaPosted by AK.Vadivel Kavitha 2016-10-07


Posted by 2016-10-16


abhijeetPosted by abhijeet parkar 2016-10-16


WowwwwwwPosted by Joel Panuyas 2016-10-07


Posted by saranya rsj 2016-10-16


PiastPosted by ramjan howlader 2016-10-14


Posted by JAISON ANTONY 2016-10-13


Posted by 2016-10-10


Posted by Nimisha Menon 2016-10-08


Posted by sunila shaji 2016-10-08


Posted by Chrislly Omongos 2016-10-07


Posted by Akshitha Nair 2016-10-17


GoodPosted by Sabit Ali 2016-10-14


GoodPosted by Sameer Ali 2016-10-12


Posted by Ashfaque Ansari 2016-10-12


GoodPosted by Madiha Irfan 2016-10-11


Mr BeanPosted by Christine Juliani 2016-10-10


SuperPosted by JAKIR Jakir 2016-10-09


Posted by Suraj pal singh 2016-10-08


zohaib falkPosted by nouman butt 2016-10-08


GoodPosted by Hoorain AIN 2016-10-08


Posted by Prestha Tiwari 2016-10-07


Posted by Stephanie Watt 2016-10-13


Posted by Pawan Jhajhot 2016-10-12


ExcellentPosted by rithik thakur 2016-10-11


LolPosted by Apon Sharif 2016-10-07


Why don't you like it?Posted by Ahmed Ali Usuf 2016-10-07


HiPosted by Joan Valdez 2016-10-12


NiPosted by Ahad Amjad 2016-10-08


Posted by Alannah Finnie 2017-08-03


Posted by 2017-08-03

Nvr use the gift option

Posted by Kiki Pirates 2017-08-02

Well.. Its good and fun but i think there is too many adds.. The rest its ok

Posted by Biswajit Mohanty 2017-08-02

Mr bean always funny

Posted by Lin Loh 2017-08-02


Posted by Kean Lee 2017-08-02

I only liked it.

Posted by Richibung Rai 2017-08-02

it us nice

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Uh-oh, silly Mr Bean has done it again! Help Bean escape his landlady Mrs Wicket in his new game, voiced by Rowan Atkinson!

FLEE MRS WICKET – Grab your suitcase and don’t forget Teddy; it’s time to run around the world!

TRAVEL THE WORLD – Visit India, Mexico, the USA and more! Play through 10 checkpoints in 6 different countries!

CAUSE TROUBLE – Run, jump, and collect Gold Beans to advance! Cause trouble to slow Mrs Wicket down, or jump in your car to boost ahead!

FIND TEDDY – Mr Bean has lost Teddy on his travels! Can you find him in every single country?

It’s Mr Bean – Around the World, the official Mr Bean app!


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