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Posted by Alannah Finnie 2017-08-04


Posted by 2017-08-04

Nvr use the gift option

Posted by Kiki Pirates 2017-08-03

Well.. Its good and fun but i think there is too many adds.. The rest its ok

Posted by Biswajit Mohanty 2017-08-03

Mr bean always funny

Posted by Lin Loh 2017-08-03


Posted by Kean Lee 2017-08-03

I only liked it.

Posted by Richibung Rai 2017-08-03

it us nice

Posted by 2017-08-03

I don't like it because first am going fast and she is going slow and then and slow and she's fast and she always caught me I hate it

Posted by Sandeep Kaur 2017-08-03

I love this game a lot and it is very addictive. Me and my brother love this game but there are far too man adds after you complete a level. But the rest is fine the music is the best I LOVE IT.

Posted by 2017-08-03

Greatest Mr bean!!!

Posted by 2017-08-03

It is good . Especially the photo . And what could be better is that you could add Pod to confuse Mrs.Wicket . But still a good game.

Posted by 2017-08-03

Very good game :-)

Posted by viswanatham krishnachaitanya 2017-08-03

It is a good game.i loved it ,but too many advertisements

Posted by Mavis Khanye 2017-08-03

Coolest game ever

Posted by PEDDI REDDY Girija 2017-08-03

I lover it

Posted by 2017-08-03

It is a krasy game

Posted by 2017-08-03

It is cool

Posted by Srihansika Gurrala 2017-08-03

Not bad

Posted by Bnl Pawan 2017-08-03

Lovad it

Posted by Siyandas Msomi 2017-08-03


Posted by madhbashana bandara 2017-08-03

I love it....

Posted by PARIJAT DAS 2017-08-03

It's very bumpy!

Posted by 2017-08-02

Best on my phone

Posted by Mitchie Charles 2017-08-02

Its good

Posted by Anil Adlakha 2017-08-02

Its awsm

Posted by Ronel Perold 2017-08-02

I absolutely love this game!!!

Posted by Mannu Hirlekar 2017-08-02

It is a really cool cool cool cool cool man

Posted by 2017-08-02

It's a beautiful game

Posted by Chris Njagi 2017-08-02

so good

Posted by ahmedsky mohd 2017-08-02


Posted by 2017-08-02

Anyone bet never ever give up

Posted by Abhijit Patil 2017-08-02


Posted by Zubayer Ashraf Riyadh 2017-08-02

Awesome one.

Posted by Nurfarahana Izatty Bt Mohd Yaacob 2017-08-01

I know exacly

Posted by Kashmala Hussain 2017-08-01

I love Mr mean so I like this game as well

Posted by khaled adhami 2017-08-01

e tizz

Posted by Asma Nighat 2017-08-01

Bad game

Posted by 2017-08-01

It is a good game to play because it is fun and enjoyable

Posted by 2017-08-01

It was very bad

Posted by siva hero 2017-08-01

This is a super

Posted by Muhammad Vaiz 2017-08-01

It should also come in Pakistan

Posted by 2017-08-01

Game awsm

Posted by chollo Valerio 2017-08-01

Super Awsome

Posted by 2017-08-01

I love Mr.bean and the game is very nice

Posted by Sumit Jana 2017-08-01


Posted by anam aqeel 2017-08-01


Posted by 2017-08-01


Posted by Taylie Teo 2017-07-31

Non responsive

Posted by 2017-07-31

This game is ok but it could do with some work

Posted by Tehmina Azam 2017-07-31

Not really good

Posted by shobha suresh 2017-07-31

I love it

Posted by Khaleel Smith 2017-07-31


Posted by mcpe gaming 2017-07-31

Its amazing game

Posted by geetha murthy 2017-07-31

OK cool

Posted by Joab namai 2017-07-31

The game has nice ideas but its not working well. The controlls aint working and the game loads like forever. Its just good for nothing. It wastes bundles and takes alot of space.

Posted by Roopa Sampada 2017-07-31

Try to make it much funny

Posted by R Kumar 2017-07-31


Posted by Artur Wysocki 2017-07-31

Kind of good ok

Posted by Dilan Livera 2017-07-31

I love Mr been

Posted by moulika devi 2017-07-31

Good.. but where is teddy??

Posted by Santosh Jaiswal 2017-07-31

Nice game ,all can play this game

Posted by 2017-07-31

Posted by Shahzad Hazoor 2017-07-31

My favorite game

Posted by Rudra pratap singh Chulbul 2017-07-31

Rudra pratap singh.

Posted by Tanveerul Islam 2017-07-31

Everything was ok but ok but ok but ok but 1 day it suddenly stopped working it kept loading and then it stopped. And every time I opened it, it said unfortunately the game is stopped and I just couldn't play anymore

Posted by Ruchi Mehta 2017-07-31

this game is very good

Posted by thuy tran 2017-07-31


Posted by Umar Waiz 2017-07-30

I love this game

Posted by Varun Suresh 2017-07-30

Cool gameplay

Posted by Behlah Abdul Qadir 2017-07-30

Awesome bean

Posted by zeeshan khan 2017-07-30

This is super bean I like you

Posted by 2017-07-30

Ioved it

Posted by Sammy. Styled 2017-07-30

Great game

Posted by Rathin Roy 2017-07-30

I love the game

Posted by 2017-07-30

ItS Great

Posted by Zihad Hasan 2017-07-30


Posted by CHANDRABOSE Alagan 2017-07-30

It was awesome like a cartoon with great rowan athkinson it was awesome with great control it's game to play in the boring time

Posted by Jhghgb Nvbvbhj 2017-07-30


Posted by rebecca mann 2017-07-30

Play thes

Posted by 2017-07-30

Posted by Julieta Mataganas 2017-07-30

Guys i love this game especially Mr.Bean so pls download it

Posted by 2017-07-30

Very nice graphic, I like it very much

Posted by Saeed Azad 2017-07-30

I like it but it's so hard

Posted by Nadeem Muzaffar 2017-07-30

This game is fun

Posted by Tinu Okah 2017-07-30

Very nice

YouTubePosted by nida Villarda 2017-07-30

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Posted by VISWANATHAN V 2017-07-29

Enjoyable game

Posted by Seema Goswami 2017-07-29

Shovel Rosario chosen喜欢我的♥

Posted by 2017-07-29

Its graet

Posted by 2017-07-29

Nice game but it very difficulty

Posted by runvijay wagh 2017-07-29

Awesome game

Posted by Antalyah Thomas 2017-07-29


Posted by meena goel 2017-07-29

Not open this game

Posted by 2017-07-29

I love this game so so so so so so so so so so so so much...... It is wonderful..... It is like original....... And I always see Mr. Bean when I get free time.... I love it....... Thank you for such a great game....... Love you my dearest game Mr. Bean....... Thank you...

Posted by hardik Ferwani 2017-07-29


Posted by Keven Bou Nader 2017-07-29

awsome i love it❤❤

Posted by 2017-07-29

Mr Bean

Posted by Banarsi Dass 2017-07-29

This game is very hard and very good and fantastic game I love this game

Posted by Roi Loubaton 2017-07-29

Mr bean

Posted by 2017-07-29

Your very nice

Posted by Navin Patel 2017-07-29

I like this game

Posted by James Gaba 2017-07-29

its so addictive and so beautiful game

Posted by Taj Fathima 2017-07-28

Awesome I'm glad to be a fan of the show

Posted by Ha Cao 2017-07-28


Posted by Christina Wang 2017-07-28


Posted by 2017-07-28

Please Download this game

Posted by Leigh Ortega 2017-07-28

I love Mr. Bean Bean

Posted by Phebs Astibe -Moralde 2017-07-28

Good graphics

Posted by riddhi sunil 2017-07-28

It's a awesome game I love it

Posted by Noureen Afshan 2017-07-28

I like it

Posted by Raghu N 2017-07-28

It's good

Posted by 2017-07-28

Daljeet sran

Posted by Gurbir Brar 2017-07-28


Posted by 2017-07-28

It is easy to play

Posted by Pauline Bainsfair 2017-07-28

A good game but have some problems as I can not play it now says touch screen to play than says loading and than his back to main page please sort it out

Posted by kabir titu 2017-07-27


Posted by Anas Rhouma 2017-07-27

It's cool

Posted by 2017-07-27


Posted by 2017-07-27

It is very nice game

Posted by Azam Butt 2017-07-27

beany games

Posted by Sandra Kilibarda 2017-07-27

It's ok

Posted by Tom ashton 2017-07-27

It good

Posted by Uju Ojukwu 2017-07-27

I love it

Posted by Swapnil Tiwari 2017-07-27

Did not work. Ek hi second me bund. Please fix it coz i like Mr bean very much.

Posted by 2017-07-26

This game is vvvvvv nice.And its animated movies and movies are vvvvvv brilliant with brilliant graphics

Posted by Vivek Sinha 2017-07-26


Posted by Ikram Khan 2017-07-26

I love it

Posted by 2017-07-26

It is a funny game

Posted by lini nambiar 2017-07-26


Posted by Anteryami Mishra 2017-07-26

Needs to be more imaginative an proper graphics

Posted by Rafey Azhar 2017-07-26

A good nd intrstng game

Posted by Mir Kabbu 2017-07-26


Posted by Pranit Madupa 2017-07-26


Posted by Abdul Hannan 2017-07-26

Just awesoooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeee

Posted by Mumtaz D Shira 2017-07-26

I hate this game because their is too many advertising

Posted by Soh Ming Lun 2017-07-26

Very love it

Posted by Dragon white 2017-07-25

Good app

Posted by 2017-07-25

So interesting game Interesting game ever.

CousinsPosted by Arjun Thashiva 2017-07-25

Yo yo

Posted by emily sigot 2017-07-25

It's been a long experience

Posted by Vinita Jain 2017-07-25

Yea game bahuat hi aacha hai

Posted by 2017-07-25

A super game with me wicket and other characters

Posted by Yasmeen Nehal 2017-07-25

Awesome truly amazing

Posted by mnoor fathima 2017-07-25

Love this game

Posted by 2017-07-25

Excellent game ever h it is good compare moth aptly games

Posted by Jaypie Madrazo 2017-07-25


Posted by Aditi Sarkar 2017-07-25

Ye cheese bada hai mast mast

Posted by S PUGAZHENTHI 2017-07-25

I love bean so i love this game

Posted by Devin Mcleod 2017-07-24


Posted by Emmanuel Lapiz 2017-07-24


Posted by Aceyork Villaceran 2017-07-24

MR BEAN around the world

Posted by AaliaandMira Channel 2017-07-24

I love mr. bean SO MUCH!!!! when I was a kid I love his shows and episodes of how funny he is, so that's why i'm giving you guys a 5 STARS!!! thank you so much for making this game!!!

Posted by RAJNI ARORA 2017-07-24

THEY GIVE SO MANY ADDS. They give so many adds that adds people make mad very very mad when I download it after 5 minutes I delete it . So you not download it please if you download it the game make you mad like me.

Posted by prosenjit sen 2017-07-24

it's a WOW

Posted by Thalia Ashe 2017-07-24

I love mr bean

Posted by Xavier Lawrence 2017-07-24

I love this game

Posted by 2017-07-24

I can't believe I love it very much

Posted by Theo Mckenzie 2017-07-24

I thought that it is a fantastic game

Posted by Ranadev Ganguly 2017-07-24

Good one needs Next version Waiting for it

Posted by Behrad Nini 2017-07-23

Posted by Nicholas Williams 2017-07-23

Me and my kids love Mr bean so fault we will play game its wicked excellent

Posted by Hesham Shoula 2017-07-23


Posted by 2017-07-23

I like this game very very very mush

Posted by Kaushik Navale 2017-07-23

It is awesome.......

Posted by 2017-07-23

Posted by Barsh Sanda 2017-07-23


Posted by Adrian Wright 2017-07-23

A simple run and collect game based on the animatied version of the comedy British show. Faithful reproduction of the animation style and authentic mumbling from the man himself, reminiscent of the classic Mr. Magoo cartoons. Can be frustratingly difficult at times, considering its target audience. Also a little heavy on storage requirements and could do with some optimisation. Constant crashing is the major problem. Developers need to address this issue with a can of bug spray. Could be better.

Posted by 2017-07-23

I truly love it but see its not necessary that every user will have a facebook profile so... i think that this game shouldnt demand facebook profile.

Posted by Gowri Krishnamurthy 2017-07-22

I love it and it is the most amazing game

Posted by Manohar Lion 2017-07-22

Exiting game

Posted by Aninda Aninda 2017-07-22

Bot so good

Posted by Sriparna Sahoo 2017-07-22

It is very cool game

Posted by Elviera Duaso 2017-07-22


Posted by Jenyko 4ever 2017-07-22


Posted by I Ketut Priyatna 2017-07-22

Game bagus, coba saja

Posted by Xhoni Dervishi 2017-07-22

I love this games

Posted by Mohd Rayan 2017-07-22


Posted by Noble Enterprises 2017-07-22

Liked the game

Posted by Rishabh Singh 2017-07-22

Totally Awesome and grossing game..loved it

Posted by reena kumbhkar 2017-07-22

I love this game

Posted by 2017-07-22

This is my favourite game.

Posted by nicolas socratous 2017-07-22


Posted by Mary Heart Dela Torre 2017-07-22

I loved O I love this game its very funny

Posted by 2017-07-22

Kol 5ara

Posted by Sourabh Kohalli 2017-07-22

Mr bean is fantastic

Posted by Javed Akhtar 2017-07-22

Best game

Posted by radja lerro 2017-07-22

Good gms

Posted by Anna Mariz Oxinio 2017-07-22

Good addictive...

Posted by Yassen Fox 2017-07-21


Posted by 2017-07-21

It is amazing and funny it is super addictive and awesome have a try it is oooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmggggggggggggggg amazing

Posted by 2017-07-21

This game is very very incredibly awesome!!!

Posted by Mallikarjun Binjalabhavi 2017-07-21

I liked it but checkup the map of india

Posted by Yash Dj 2017-07-21


Posted by Shreyas Vibhute 2017-07-21

Very good game

Posted by 19131112 2017-07-21


Posted by 2017-07-21

I'm going to try it but it looks great.. Graphics are amazing

Posted by 2017-07-21

It is such a nice game. Love [email protected]!

Posted by Uyen Pham 2017-07-20


Posted by Abhimanyu LAL 2017-07-20

V good.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Posted by glenn douglas 2017-07-20


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